Real Madrid Cools Down In Pogba

This season, Real Madrid’s interest in signing Pogba is becoming increasingly indifferent. Even last summer, Real Madrid executives never fully believed that signing Pogba was a value-for-money deal, and this season Valverde and Odegaard’s strong rise has further strengthened Real Madrid’s position.

From today’s perspective, Valverde and Odegaard are the two best young midfielders in world football, and their duties on the field are basically the same as Pogba’s. A high-quality, well-priced real Madrid 2016 kit is a good choice for the fans.

Odegaard, who has been leased to the Royal Society, can return to the team this summer. Florentino believes that as long as the two are in the team, it is even more unnecessary to buy Pogba.

Zidane still admires his compatriot Pogba, but he is also completely immersed in Valverde’s performance with a transfer fee of only 5 million euros, and he also knows that if he cannot win the league championship, he will be expelled by the club.

Earlier this season, Valverde’s outstanding performance drew praise from many outlets. El País compared him to Gerrard, and the legend of the Marca newspaper says.”Zidane found his Borg Bar”.
Valverde has similarities to the young Gerrard, he has a unique running gait, allowing him to easily run from one side to the other on the court. But what Valverde of Real Madrid values ​​the most is his resemblance to Pogba, because he shows that the club is right in not throwing a lot of money at the French midfielder.

Odegaard is more advanced on the field and is competing with Valverde for the best player of the season in Spain. His graceful performance in the penalty area also made Madrid fans forget Pogba, who want Odegaard to return to Real Madrid. Of course, you can also choose a Real Madrid 2021 camerate.

Real Madrid also intends to introduce Vanderbeck from Ajax, so even if Modric leaves (he is likely to leave), the team has no room to make a big investment in midfield, because a stable forward goal it is your priority.

Valverde is from Club Penarol in Uruguay and stood out from the famous game “Baby Football” in Uruguay when he was six years old. He joined Real at 17 and Ödegaard joined at 16. For the club, both are players of their own production.

He signed with the team as a teenager and made progress in Spain with the help of the rental system. These are the two main reasons why Pogba is no longer considered Real Madrid’s most needy player.

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Another reason is that what is most lacking at Real Madrid this season is, obviously, the objectives. Although there are plenty of people available in the forward position, neither Jovic nor Mariano has shown a convincing performance, and Benze Horse only scored 1 goal this year.

In the winger position, Bale always seems to be out of the team, Rodrygo slowly cools off after a brilliant first half of the season, Venusius is in good shape but lacks goals.

Real Madrid executives know that Pogba cannot solve the problem of lack of goals: Mbappe yes, Kane yes, Lautaro yes, but Pogba no.

For Manchester United midfielder Pogba, Real Madrid’s refreshing interest also seems to have changed his mind about leaving the team. Now he hopes to cooperate with Bruno Fernandes, while Real Madrid will use Valverde and Odegaard and find a forward to cooperate with them.

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