THOM BROWNE launches charity fashion series to raise funds for the Barcelona Foundation

Adhering to the concept of “more than just a club”, FC Barcelona and the Barcelona Foundation continue to work to deal with the new crown virus crisis and provide support for children at risk through different projects around the world. The latest one is a collaboration with Thom Browne, a well-known American clothing company. In order to raise funds for the foundation’s projects, the company is launching a new capsule series featuring the image of the club.

This series will come out on October 21st. It will be a fashion series with a specific concept. It aims to express the desire of both parties to help improve society, while also showing their humility, hard work, ambition, respect, and teamwork. Shared values. The series includes different products inspired by the visual elements of the club.

In response to the new demands brought about by the new crown pneumonia crisis, the profits from sales will be used to support the projects of the Barcelona Foundation. One of the projects was run in New York City with the support of Thom Browne, which is also part of the Barcelona Foundation’s Diversity Project.

Since the 2018-19 season, Thom Browne has been a partner of the Barça Foundation, and they are now supporting the Barça Foundation’s New York project, which applies FutbolNet’s methodology and promotes society through sports, games, and physical activities. The means of integration are used to improve the lives of young people living in fragile environments. Thom Browne is also a global partner of FC Barcelona’s off-field clothing category. He provides first-team clothing to be worn off-field, such as during away games.

This is the latest in a series of measures launched by the Barça Foundation in response to the impact of the new crown virus. Previous actions include providing medical supplies, providing financial assistance channels, raising people’s awareness of new crown prevention, and psychological interventions for children.

Yordi Cardona, First Vice President of FC Barcelona and the Barcelona Foundation said:

“We are proud to be able to establish such a project with Thom Browne, a leading company in the fashion industry. Our common goal is to have a positive impact on society. At the Barcelona Foundation, we work hard every day to give boys in vulnerable environments The girls provide new opportunities and improve their lives, which allows us to continue this cause. In the current context of the new coronavirus, these projects have new meanings. Many situations have brought these young people to face. Difficulties, but also enhance the organization’s ability to deal with these situations.”

A spokesperson for the Thom Browne brand said:

“I have always admired the FC Barcelona. Their talent, strength, and confidence are unique. Our partnership has developed in all aspects, but we have always focused on the club’s values ​​of loyalty, teamwork, and humility. Through our Through cooperation, we can make people realize the outstanding work of the Barcelona Foundation and the plan to empower young people. Let the new generation of young people unite and trust each other, whether on or off the court.”

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