Chen Meng expects to achieve a stronger self

The Olympic simulation game has three events

Due to the absence of Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen, the captains of the national table tennis women’s team, the Mesozoic representative of the women’s team, Chen Meng became the core of the women’s team competition, and the two new-generation teenagers Sun Yingsha and Wang Manyu formed an absolutely stronger women’s team group. In the competition, the women’s team passed all the way, all won by a big score of 3 to 0, winning the championship without any suspense. After the women’s team finals, Chen Meng said with emotion: “In the finals, the three of us really blended together. Whether it’s the last game or cheering for teammates below, and when Li Wei guided us to explain the game, we could feel The atmosphere of the team competition.”

In this simulation, Chen Meng has three events. She also played in mixed doubles with Fan Zhendong, who is now number one in the men’s world. After defeating Cao Wei/Zhang Rui, Liang Jingkun/Gu Yuting, the world’s No. 1 pair lost to Wang Chuqin/Wang Manyu 2-4 in the semifinals. They were then reversed 4-2 by Lin Gaoyuan/Sun Mingyang in the third or fourth place. , Ranked fourth. After the match, Chen Meng said that the lack of mixed doubles for a long time made their tacit understanding a little lacking.

In the women’s singles field before the women’s team game, Chen Meng faced challenges from the very beginning. In the first two rounds, Chen Meng faced Li Yake and Fan Siqi in a 4-2 reversal to win with a big lag. After summarizing the problems of the first two rounds, Chen Meng adjusted in time and entered the state very quickly, defeating Qian Tianyi in straight 4 games in the quarter-finals. In the subsequent semi-finals, she lost to Wang Manyu 2 to 4, and in the three or four finals, she fought hard with Wang Yidi in 7 games and lost regretfully. “From the beginning of the team competition, I left the singles game behind. I don’t think about singles for the first time. Because the pace of the game is faster after the start of the team game, I can no longer immerse myself in the singles game. Let me face it in a more relaxed state. Team competition.” It was this positive adjustment that helped Chen Meng vigorously fight in the team competition, winning every game he played and leading a team to the top.

“From the mixed doubles, singles, and team competitions, I was not particularly good at the beginning, but I adjusted better and better later. This time I have gained a lot in thinking adjustments.” Chen The dream is to summarize the harvest of this Olympic simulation game.

The head coach of the National Table Tennis Women’s Team, Li Sun, also affirmed Chen Meng’s progress. “Everyone has a higher expectation of Chen Meng in this game. Maybe she put more pressure on herself. From this game, she is in a sense of responsibility. She has a certain degree of responsibility. In the women’s singles three or four matches, her overall state is not very good, but she has been fighting opponents one by one. Although it will be uncomfortable, she is at this point. It has been greatly improved over the past.” Li Sun believes that Chen Meng has made great progress in ability and technology in recent years, but the most important thing is to help her defeat herself. “Chen Meng has always been very good, but it seems She is not stable. She has fully realized this problem. Especially in the past year, she has made great progress in this area. When training in Macau, China, she was not in good health and some problems appeared in the competition. She may not want to fight, but I told her to treat this as the Olympics, she will be able to change right away, and she will be able to get started right away. These are all bit by bit progress.”

Looking forward to Chen Meng, who is constantly discovering and summarizing problems, can go further and achieve a stronger self.

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