The most seeded team fell 1-2 the Champions League

In the early hours of this morning, the UEFA Champions League group stage started. In a group F match, a good show of “under the gram” was staged. The fourth team Bruges scored lore in the 93rd minute and beat the seeded team 2-1 away. Zenit made a good start. Bruges’ victory may disrupt the qualifying situation of this group.

The four teams in Group F are Lazio, Dortmund, Zenit, and Bruges. From the perspective of fame and strength, Lazio and Dortmund are obviously better. Their 2 teams are also the favorites in this group, and the seeds of this group The team is the Russian Super League champion Zenit, but they may be the weakest seeded team. Last season in the Champions League, they were the only seeded team to get out of the group stage.

In today’s game, facing the fourth gear team Bruges, Zenit actually lost at home. In the first half, neither side made any achievements. In the 62nd minute of the second half, the visiting team Dennis broke the deadlock with a supplementary shot. In the 74th minute, Lovren shot the center post and bounced back into the net on the goalkeeper, equalizing the score. In the 3rd minute of stoppage time, the lore appeared, and Vommel made a pass and Decatler pushed the goal to complete the lore.

In the end, Bruges beat Zenit 2-1 away to get a good start. Zenit was originally considered to be the team most likely to compete with Lazio and Dortmund for qualifying spots, but Bruges played in the first game, which may disrupt the qualifying situation of this group. After all, Lazio and Dortmund have their own. The two teams do not have absolute strength to dominate this group for various problems. Once Bruges continues the brave state, it is not impossible to create miracles.

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