The men’s post-90s finally won the singles Grand Slam

Wimbledon Janowitz became the first men’s singles semi-finals of the 90s to now Tim won the first Grand Slam championship, 28 Grand Slams passed, 90s Finally exulted and won the Grand Slam Champion Gold Cup for the first time.

Since Wimbledon in 2013, a total of 13 post-90s have reached the semi-finals of the Grand Slam Men’s Singles. These 13 are Yannowitz, Raonic, Dimmi, Tim, Busta, and Ed. Mond, Zheng Xuan, Cecinato, Sisipas, Puy, Berrettini, Medvedev, Zverev, among them are Tim, Raonic, Medvedev, and Zverev Reached the Grand Slam finals.

At Wimbledon in 2016, Raonic reached the Grand Slam final for the first time, becoming the first post-90s generation. But since then, he has never reached the semi-finals of a Grand Slam. He will be 30 years old by the end of this year.

The second Grand Slam final of the post-90s only appeared in the 2018 French Open. Tim, born in 1993, won six straight games and reached the finals, but lost to the king of clay court Nadal. In the French Open next year, Tim once again entered the championship battle, this time he was once again defeated by Nadal.

In the subsequent US Open, the three post-90s Medvedev, Dimitrov, and Berrettini reached the semi-finals. Medvedev advanced to the final, but he failed to shake Nadal’s dominance.

At this year’s Australian Open, the post-90s representative Tim once again made it to the final. This time he lost five sets in a hard fight and once again missed the Grand Slam champion. Five times after the 90s, the Grand Slam champions all ended in defeat.

Aside from the Grand Slam, the performance of the post-90s players in the Masters is still very convincing.

At the 2017 Rome Masters, Zverev, who reached the finals of the Masters for the first time, defeated the four-time champion and Grand Slam Djokovic 6-4/6-3 and won the Masters trophy for the first time. , Also became the first post-90s generation to win the Masters Championship.

In the subsequent Rogers Cup, Zverev defeated Federer in the final and won again. Immediately after the Cincinnati game, Dimitrov defeated Kyrgios in a post-90 showdown, winning the Masters for the first time.

At the end of the year in the Paris Masters, the American player Sok hit the top. In the nine Masters that year, the post-90s won a record 4 championships.

In 2018, Zverev won his third Masters Championship in Madrid, and the Russian Kachanov made a breakthrough in the Paris Masters at the end of the year.

Last year, Tim defeated Federer in the Indian Wells final and reached the top of the Masters for the first time. In the Cincinnati and Shanghai Masters, the Russian Medvedev succeeded in winning, raising the post-90s Master’s championship to nine.

On the stage of the finals, the post-90s are also gradually vying for the right. From Dimitrov in 2017 to Zverev in 2018 to Sisipas last year, the three generations born in the 90s have won substantial championships in the London Finals.

But returning to the Grand Slam competition, the post-90s are still unable to shake the monopoly of the Big Three Djokovic, Federer and Nadal. You know, the last time a player won the first Grand Slam men’s singles championship was Cilic of the U.S. Open in 2014, and the last time a player other than Fernard won a Grand Slam men’s singles championship was Wawrinka of the U.S. Open in 2016.

This year, the tennis world was suspended due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Wimbledon had to be canceled, and the US Open was still held.

In this year’s Flushing Park, Federer, who ended the season early due to injury, and defending champion Nadal both missed. Only Djokovic played in the Big Three. However, he was sentenced to lose in the fourth round for accidentally injuring the line and missed the quarterfinals by accident.

This year, the top eight men’s singles at the US Open are all born in the 90s. In the end, Tim and Zverev stood out and played together in the first Grand Slam final of the post-90s generation in history, bringing the dream of winning the first Grand Slam post-90s into reality.

Finally, Tim seized the opportunity, made history, and became the first man in men’s tennis.

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