The head coach is about to rendezvous with the tea

The new CBA season will officially start on October 17th. In the past few days, foreign aid from many teams has arrived in China. They are still in isolation. When the isolation is over, if everything is normal, they can be with the team. meet. Beijing Shougang is the most active team in the offseason this year. It has won two high-quality insiders, Fan Ziming and Li Muhao, and also changed the head coach, choosing Jonathan Gibson, a small foreign aid with stronger scoring ability. With the countdown to the new CBA season, according to sources, Hamilton and Gibson have not yet arrived in China. There is no accurate return time yet, but they will definitely not be able to keep up with the opening game. It is expected that they will miss part of the first stage of the game. However, there is also good news, that is, the new head coach Simon Payagani has arrived in China and will join the team after the isolation.

Originally, Beijing Shougang had the priority to renew Youdu and Jeremy Lin, but the Beijing team gave up. In the choice of big foreign aid, Shougang still trusts Hamilton more. Hamilton has played for Shougang for three seasons and has fully become a member of Shougang. Last season, he averaged 21.5 points and 10.4 rebounds. In the offseason, Shougang still signed back Hamilton. Even if the team has two centers, Fan Ziming and Li Muhao, the outside world also suggests that Shougang should not sign a big foreign aid, but choose a striker like Wilms.

The head coach is about to rendezvous with the team, the return date of the two foreign aids is undetermined

Originally, Chairman Qin Xiaowen had already negotiated with Jeremy Lin, and was about to sign the contract, but Jeremy Lin hesitated at the last moment and still hoped to play in the NBA. In the end, the team found a small foreign aid, Jonathan Gibson. Gibson has played in the CBA for five seasons and is also familiar with the CBA. Last season, he averaged 31.2 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 4.2 assists for the Jiangsu team. The offensive firepower was very fierce. Joseph Young’s style is similar. Is Beijing Shougang’s defense very good, but lacks people to score at critical moments? He hoped to get Joseph Yang’s priority to renew his contract, but he was traded away by Beijing Enterprises Men’s Basketball.

The best news is that the head coach Simon Payagani will soon rendezvous with the team. He is the former head coach of the Italian national team. He has won championships in the Italian League, the Turkish League, and the Israeli League. The championship is soft. In 2008, he also won the European Head Coach of the Year. It can be said that he is the biggest head coach in the history of the Beijing Shougang team.

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