The First Team To Qualify For The AFC Champions League

The 2020 AFC Champions League West Asia region will restart in Doha, Qatar on September 14. In the first match of the third round of the group stage, the Saudi Al Ahli team of Group A defeated the Iraqi Police Club 1-0. As the UAE Al Wahda in the same group retired and all of its games were sentenced to lose, Ahli has actually entered the top 16 ahead of schedule. They have also become the first team to advance into the knockout round in the AFC this season.

Compared to the course of the game, what attracts more attention is that this event will be held in the air-conditioned stadium of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The restart of the game inspired Asian football, and in fact, it also provided a rare training opportunity for the construction and service of the Qatar World Cup venues.

The AFC West Asia region competition was restarted under expectations. In the first round of the third round of the group stage (the first two rounds ended in February this year) in a group A match, Al Ahli relied on the goals of former Chelsea and Sevilla winger Marin. 1 to 0 Lectra against the Iraqi Police Club. Al Ahli also became the first team to be among the top 16 teams in the AFC this season because of their victory. This is because, before that, the Al Wahda club in the same group was unable to go to Doha to compete as scheduled because some members of the team were infected with the new crown virus. According to the rules of the AFC Champions League, Al Wahda has been deemed to have retired, and all its group stage results, including the results of the two games that have been played, have been sentenced to lose. Under this circumstance, Al Ahli, the leader of Group A, has already locked the right to qualify in advance under the competitive situation of “3 in 2” in the same group.

There are not many goals scored in the West Asia region of the AFC Champions League just in the rematch, but for the AFC and participating clubs, the game can be held safely in the world’s top air-conditioned stadium, which is enough to be proud. According to the results of the communication between the AFC and the Qatar Football Association and relevant departments of Qatar, the local area will provide 4 air-conditioned stadiums for 4 teams to “exclusively”. The 4 stadiums are Khalifa Stadium, Janumb Stadium, Education City Stadium, and Jasim Bin Hamad Stadium. Among them, the first three stadiums are the official venues for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Hamed Stadium is one of the clubs participating in the AFC Champions League and the home stadium of Qatar Alsad Club. It also has first-class hardware facilities.


Khalifa Stadium

The First Team To Qualify For The AFC Champions League

Judging from the information confirmed by the AFC, the three AFC matches on the 14th local time are running well. Although due to the health and safety of maintenance personnel, the AFC stipulates that the game must be played in an environment without spectators, the organizing committee has affixed image stickers on the seats of the stands, and created a ” Warm live atmosphere”.

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