Ronaldo’s new crown test result is positive


News, world football superstar, Portuguese national team captain Cristiano Ronaldo was diagnosed with the new crown, but he is an asymptomatic infected person, currently, Cristiano Ronaldo has left the national team for isolation. Then the Portuguese Football Association confirmed the news. Ronaldo appeared for the first time after the diagnosis, and he was in good spirits.

Impact on the Portuguese national team

According to the official news of the Portuguese Football Association, Cristiano Ronaldo has confirmed that he has contracted the new crown virus. The 35-year-old Portugal international tested positive and will therefore miss the UEFA Europa League match against Sweden on Wednesday.

The Portuguese national team stated that “C Ronaldo is in good condition and currently has no symptoms. The rest of the Portuguese players tested negative.”

Just earlier today, Cristiano Ronaldo also posted a photo of himself and his national teammates at dinner on his personal social media and gave encouragement to the national team. Ronaldo wrote: “Unite on and off the court, come on Portugal!”

Currently, Portugal is preparing for the UEFA Europa League group match with Sweden. The game will be held at 02:45 on October 15th, Beijing time.

Impact on world sports

As of now, Cristiano Ronaldo should be the person with the greatest reputation and qualifications to be infected with the new coronavirus. Cristiano Ronaldo’s infection with the new coronavirus may have an earthquake-like impact on world football. Because Cristiano Ronaldo played a lot of games in 14 days, including France, Spain, Rome, and other strong teams, whether the opponent players will be affected by this is still a huge unknown. Players like Ramos, Pepe, and Mbappe have had close contact with Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s trajectory in the past few days

On October 5th, Juventus played against Naples in the third round of the Serie A match, because Naples refused to play, resulting in a postponement, but at that time Ronaldo and the whole team arrived on the scene.

On October 7, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dybala, Danilo, and Quadrado left the Juventus base without following the epidemic prevention regulations. To this end, the local health department in Turin stated that it will hold four people accountable. Because Juventus previously announced that two staff members of the team were infected with the new crown, the first team members were required to be isolated.

On October 8, during the friendly match between Portugal and Spain, Ronaldo started. After the friendly match, Ramos posted a photo of Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe Real Madrid and missed the good time together.

On October 11th, Cristiano Ronaldo updated his Instagram and posted photos of his arrival in France, preparing for the game with the French team.

On October 12th, in the third round of the UEFA A-level match, France dampened Portugal 0-0 at home. The chatting and laughing pictures of Mbappé and Ronaldo before the start of the second half became the biggest highlight of the game. . After the game, Mbappé confessed to Ronaldo on personal social media: idol, king, GOAT.

On October 13, the Portuguese Football Association officially reported that Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for the new crown. He is an asymptomatic infected person and is currently under quarantine.

Impact on the future

At present, Ronaldo has left the national team and will miss Portugal vs Sweden game. In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo will almost certainly miss Serie A or even the Champions League. According to time, Juventus will face Crotone in the fourth round of Serie A on October 18, and the first round of the Champions League will face Dynamo Kyiv on October 21.

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