Rockets lock in the All-Star center

Rockets lock in the All-Star center

First of all, it must be the head coach. According to the news just now, after some screening, the Rockets hired Lone Ranger assistant coach Stephen Silas as the new head coach. Why would the Rockets choose someone who has never been a head coach? I think what they value most is Silas’s experience of coaching Kemba Walker and Doncic in the past. It is worth mentioning that these two have become all-star starters in the past season. Although their coffee positions are temporarily unable to reach Harden and Westbrook levels, their successful experience also proves that Silas is an expert in this area.

After confirming the head coach, we can speculate on the Rockets’ next tactics. With Harden West at the core unchanged, it is bound to no longer be possible to continue the death of the fifth elementary school. The playoffs died under the hands of Brother Thick Eyebrows too miserably; but at the same time, the mobility of Harden and Westbrook cannot be lost, so the main game “One big and four small” is undoubtedly the most reasonable tactic! And based on the experience of the past few years, the Rockets were the most successful when they played this tactic. In the 2017-18 season, they fought against the “Cosmic Brave” in the Western Conference for seven rounds before they returned. The team is very likely to win the championship at any time. If this year’s Lakers meet, there may be no subsequent story.

At the same time, the Rockets’ five deaths last season exposed too many weaknesses. Tucker is too short, no matter whether it is top defense or assists the defense, he is not competent for the job of a center so that when facing offensive inside, he is blown up, and of course, there is no guarantee of rebounding; and he is the most efficient in his entire career. The season was also in the 2017-18 season when he was playing power forward. In addition, Covington is too thin to support him in the fourth position. It is okay to ask him to occasionally help defend and block, but for a long time to top the fourth position is undoubtedly a man who is a car. His real advantage is three-pointers and outside defense.

Therefore, based on the above analysis, I think the Rockets will definitely play the “big and four small” tactics next season, and the top priority is to find a “stand-in” for Capella. Some experts and fans pointed out that the center Torrence Noel, who played for the Thunder last season, is indeed a good choice, and the price is also suitable for the Rockets. However, what we need to know is that although Noel averaged 7.4 points and 4.9 rebounds in 18.5 minutes per game last season, his efficiency is still not high per 36 minutes. Although he is worthy of the middle-class contract, he cannot meet the needs of the rocket. Moreover, Noel is too thin to guard against his thick eyebrows. At the same time, his injury-prone nature is also a potential risk.

In my opinion, the Rockets should play big if they want to play. Of course, it is not like Morey and D’Antoni to play the “extreme”. What we should consider is both reasonable and comprehensive! Looking at the entire league, who is the most suitable brother to Duis? That must be Embiid Downs, but they don’t let anyone go! So, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can completely exchange your thick eyebrows on offense and defense, but you can achieve the goal by spending a lot of money. Obviously, Noel is not. In Cleveland, there is such a big center!

I’m not referring to Tristan Thompson. After being with Kardashian, he is no longer the original Thompson! What the Rockets need in Drummond, who was just traded to the Cavaliers last season! Drummond is only 27 years old and is a real all-star center. Last season, he averaged 17.7 points, 11.1 rebounds, and 1.5 steals, and 1.38 blocks per game. It is worth mentioning that he averaged more than 13 rebounds per game for 7 consecutive seasons, with the highest being 16. It can be said that with Drummond, there is a guarantee of rebounds and inside defense. And his physical fitness is not lost to thick eyebrows, and he weighs more, is a pure big center. And the reason why he is dissatisfied with the Pistons is that the Pistons are not strong all the time, and being traded to the Cavaliers is not a permanent solution! If the Rockets can join Hardenweiss to compete for the championship, I think Drummond will be very happy too!

So, does the Rockets have a chance to get him? Drummond’s salary next season is 27.09 million. In order to trade him, the Rockets must stud, and Gordon must be used as a bargaining chip. Gordon’s salary is 14.06 million, which is obviously not a match. Dayton’s 10.82 million (with House remaining to make up for the small forward), it can basically be flat! The Cavaliers get these two people, they can be used temporarily or sold in exchange for young assets, because these two people are the kind of puzzles that the championship teams want, and they are extremely powerful! And if the Rockets get Drummond, then there will be a “Capella upgrade”. By then, Harden + Westbrook + Drummond’s “Big Three” is bound to make the entire league frightened! Take a step back and say that even if the expected results are not achieved, Drummond’s contract is only one year left, and there will be a lot of salary space.

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