Rocket coach announced a new decision!

Rocket coach announced a new decision!

Not long ago, the new Rockets coach Stephen Silas publicly announced some new decisions on the Rocket tactics and system for the new season at the team’s press conference!

Although Silas said he would not make major changes on the offensive end, he mentioned two points that are very different from the previous coach and general manager’s policies:

1. Silas advocates reducing singles, adding more off-the-ball moves and early attacks;

Second, Silas retains the possibility of the Rockets using traditional big men;

It is not difficult to find that Silas’ speech is actually a bit of hatred. After all, first of all, just to keep the big man, this is the overall tactical thinking of the former general manager Darrell Morey and the former coach Mike D’Antoni Denied

As for reducing singles, it means weakening the threat of the Rockets’ two-star stars James Harden and Russell Westbrook, because they are players who need a lot of ball power in their hands, especially the team boss Harden. When he is not holding the ball, he lacks the spirit of proactive offense, and Harden’s singles attract double-teams and have always been the driver of the Rockets offensive end.

So Silas did this, isn’t he against Harden? But you also have to admit that Silas’s ideas are very constructive. After all, he is a coach who has worked with many outstanding guards such as Curry and Doncic:

Silas saw that the Rockets could not go further by relying on singles and three-pointers without a center. Therefore, for the team system, the Rockets must try to re-use big men;

As for the issue of singles, in fact, before his death, Kobe mentioned in his own detailed analysis program that Harden lacks the lack of ball-free running and lacks the spirit of proactive attack without the ball. It seems that this is for the ball state. For the sake of physical energy storage, Silas wanted to try to let Harden do more off-the-ball running and use off-ball tactics to find a new way for Harden to rationally allocate physical energy and enrich the Rockets system.

Regarding this point, Silas was stealing from Kobe this time and came to make a constructive attempt and guidance on the Rockets and Harden.

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