Pirlo: He waved his hand as Fanghua for another generation

The Polo shirt is white, but it doesn’t show any freshness and dazzling under the background of his long hair and beard that he has not carefully managed. He didn’t know where to put his hand. The expression in his eyes is as if away from him.

“The expression on my face is always the same, it seems very rigid so that others can’t guess what I am thinking.” He knew it himself.

“But I am actually inner beauty or temperament.” He doesn’t talk to outsiders, he talks to himself.

Pirlo: He waved his hand as Fanghua for another generation

It is the lack of words that makes this great midfield artist appear humble. Or, speaking less makes him appear more arrogant. Who knows.

Except for not getting the damn Golden Globe Award, the Italian has a complete career. He held a farewell match 10 days ago, and the bench was full of trouble. Inzaghi could only sit on the ground, with a face that was no longer young, his eyes coquettish, and he looked at Ancelotti and Baggio sitting on the chairs timidly and obediently.

“I can always make up some exaggerated stories with a serious face, and make up my mind in front of my teammates. These people thought I was serious, and they all believed it. No one could tell that I was joking. Happy to death. Although I have already laughed in my heart, on the surface I pretended to be indifferent and calmly continued plotting the next prank.”

No one knew what he was thinking at this moment.

On June 2nd, by the Huangpu River in Shanghai, Tencent Sports’ “That Year” program team created his own football museum for him. In the 600-square-meter studio, photos, videos, and souvenirs are all stuffed with people’s memories about him.

It is a risk to let Andrea Pirlo, who had suffered from sudden memory loss, fall into the memory.

“Wake up in the morning and often don’t remember who my coach is. Although I am extremely confused, I still keep smiling, grinning with my signature smirk.”

“Pass the ball to Pirlo”

“Pirlo” is the most famous aperitif brand in Brescia. The formula of this wine is not complicated: sparkling white wine + Campari + tonic water.

Andrea is the heir to this family winery. He loves a wine called “Rodeo”, the Italian meaning is “Ritorno all origin”, and the Chinese translation is “back to the past”.

He looks at the wine in the glass, and the people outside the painting are watching him

The program “That Year” was recorded in the slipway, and the waiting room was outside a narrow door. Outside the door is really outdoor. Under the sun, on the long rusty corridor pavement along the Huangpu River, Andrea Pirlo stood alone, exposed to the pleasant breeze in Shanghai in June.

A fan didn’t know where he came out. He also seemed to be surprised at being so close to the idol so easily. He hesitated for a moment, and still presented his jersey and signature pen. Pirlo glanced at the door as if there were still a few seconds left. Leave it to him, sign it.

The bodyguard drove desertion inexplicably. It may also be because Pirlo is always used to appearing at times and places that are not so taken for granted.

When the music sounded, Pirlo opened the door of memory.

[Big Man] Pirlo: He waved his hand as Fanghua for another generation

Pirlo stayed in 2006 when they were World Cup champions

Brescia is located on the edge of the Alps. This industrial city on the hill not only gives people a view of the distant mountains but also enjoys the moist atmosphere brought by the water city of Venice. It is a paradise for artists. Pirlo, born here, always looks slow, soft as water.

Among Pirlo’s “journeys”, the most widely spread, and the one that is often ridiculed is the following:

“Pirlo’s family is rich, and his father is the son of a famous steel tycoon in the Apennines. In order to make his son give up football, he once said that he can buy the entire club for Pirlo to play.”

In fact, Pirlo is not the son of the legendary steel tycoon. The family-owned Elg Steel steel company is only well-known in Brescia. However, the well-off family can indeed be called the “rich second generation”. He could have inherited his father’s career with peace of mind, but he rebelliously loved football and was even beaten up because he played truant to watch football.

From childhood to youth, Pirlo was always the best gifted among his peers, but because of this, he was often attacked by bad words. “Why does that kid think he is Maradona?” The adults raised their voices and accused, and the teammates on the court were also unwilling to pass the ball to him because of jealousy, isolating him.

Pirlo once tried to get rid of these labels-“unique”, “talented”, “future star”. But over time, he knew that he had only two options: let the bad guys get what they wanted and become mediocre; or after expressing anger, play in his own way, and use a broader perspective to appreciate the most magnificent football Picture.

Chinese fans often refer to Pirlo as the “sleeping skin” because he always looks lazy on the court and looks very depressed. Pirlo said that this is his unique style: “People always say that I look tired and can’t run on the court, but in fact, they are all deceived by the way I run on the court. I look It seems to be wandering, the stride is not large, but my small step is a big step for mankind.”


Pirlo Still Elegant

At the age of 15, Pirlo was recruited into the first team of Brescia. One day, he drove the ball past a “predecessor” three times and was fouled maliciously on the fourth time, and his ankle was trampled. Seeing this scene, the coach Lucescu blinked at Pirlo and said kindly: “Don’t worry, it’s okay, keep playing.”

Then he turned around and spoke to the team seriously: “Pass the ball to Pirlo, he knows what to do.”

The invisible motor cannot win all the glory, but it belongs to Pirlo for everyone

As a recognized midfielder, Pirlo has never won a Golden Globe.

In 2012, Pirlo was the closest to the Ballon d’Or. The achievements of the Serie A championship and the European Cup runner-up made him once the most popular person. The results were announced, but Pirlo only ranked seventh, with a turnout of 2.66%. Messi won with 41.6% of the votes, followed by Ronaldo, Iniesta, and Xavi.

Pirlo learned the news while playing at home with his son. He affirmed that Messi deserves the award, but he also said: “It seems that the most important thing is to move accurately, appear in the right position and shoot at the right time, assists are just a humble footnote. But if not A precise pass with that kick will not result in a shot. However, even if everyone forgets this fact when voting, I am not angry.”

The victory of the team is the key, and it is not a victory alone.


The closest to the Golden Globe

Pirlo, who has always been the core, initially took the 10th position. The position of the front waist is closer to the penalty area, and it needs to face various pressing tackles from the back waist and the central defender, which requires extremely high physical confrontation. Pirlo is very aware of his strengths and weaknesses. After moving to Milan, he thought for a long time and knocked on the door of coach Ancelotti.

Pirlo retreated and the first “organized midfielder” was born. Gattuso and Ambrosini became his bodyguards, with Seedorf and Rui Costa in front as buffers. In those years, Pirlo strategized in the position of the back midfielder, released all his emotions on the court, like a spring of a spring, constantly led the team to victory, and since then completed countless names: Kaka, Yin Zaghi, Pogba…

“Traditional midfielders always focus on the forward field and always follow the forward. On the contrary, I focus on the gap between me and the forward, looking for opportunities to break through with the ball. In terms of tactics, this is, even more, a matter of geometry. I can often catch larger gaps, tear the opponent’s defense easily, and successfully breakthrough.”

Pirlo’s green career cannot be measured by simple titles and titles. He explained to the world the meaning of the greatest midfielder in modern football, his position and what he did, from the past to the present, and even in the future, are unique to football.

In the recent Pirlo farewell match, almost all the big-name players who have crossed his career came to witness the curtain call: Buffon, Baggio, Piero, Shevchenko, Inzaghi, Vieri, Nesta… After the game, they threw Pirlo to the sky, and the audience burst into tears as if bidding farewell to youth.

Cesare Prandelli, the former coach of the Italian national team, said: “Pirlo is a player for everyone.”

2018, 2014, 2010… After the program was recorded, Pirlo slowly walked down the steps, and finally stopped in front of the “2006” number symbolizing the World Cup in Germany. He asked the assistant to take a dozen photos from different angles and repeatedly confirmed the effect.

In the German summer of 2006, Pirlo experienced the most glorious moment in his life. And the way he took the penalty kick in the end defines who he is.

Pirlo once recalled in his autobiography: “July 9, 2006, it was Sunday. I was in Berlin at the time, and I slept all afternoon, playing PS games. At night, I went out for a walk and took it. A World Cup champion is back.”

Pirlo strolling in the courtyard

There was a moment that occupied Pirlo’s memories. At the end of the 120-minute game, the whistle sounded and Lippi walked to Pirlo. His voice penetrated all the boiling and noise on the court, and also pierced Pirlo’s extreme nervousness about gains and losses. Lippi said, “You go first.”

Pirlo decided to play on his instinct. Since it was the first penalty, he thought it was the best choice to hit the ball towards the main goal. Butters may judge the right direction and kick it slightly higher so that Butters could not touch the ball and jump up. I can’t touch it either.

“I have to deal with this ball, look up to the sky, and pray for God’s help. If God really exists, I believe he is definitely not French. I took a deep breath. This nervous mood seemed to belong only to me, but at that moment, the workers, the rich, the teachers, the students, the ladies of Milan, the Italian compatriots who supported us, were all with me.”

Hold your breath, concentrate, and take a deep breath. The tension at this moment does not only belong to Pirlo.

Many years later, when talking about this penalty kick, people always praised Pirlo, who dared to shoot the center with his right foot in the World Cup final, and Piero, who kicked a penalty kick against England in the European Cup quarter-finals. Luo. But the fact is not as romantic as imagined, Pirlo said: “Under the circumstances, doing so was the least risky and the most effective solution, nothing more.”

Compared with real game time, the time he spends in live football is about four times that of the former. Traveling between virtual and reality, Pirlo is also a winner. Anyway, it’s all football.

In his game, he and his most loyal playmate Nesta both chose Barcelona, ​​and both chose Guardiola. Until one day, when Real Barcelona’s Real Guardiola really invited him: “As a player, you have always been admired by me. I hope to be your coach.” Pirlo immediately thought of Nesta: “He will die of jealousy. I robbed Guardiola of his half.”

Although he did not come to Catalonia as he wished, the years that flowed through the fictional and real games were the first 39 years of Mr. Andrea Pirlo’s life.

The Super Penguin Football Celebrity Game on the evening of June 2 is like a huge stage of memory. The audience no longer supports either or the other. They split a more diverse lineup, and everyone is looking for their own on the field. Memory.

As soon as he returned to the court, the familiar Pirlo returned.

Li Yi, who scored the only goal in the game, said: “He is only 30 centimeters away from me. I feel like he can grab (the ball under his feet), but he can’t get it anyway. This is probably the master.”

The closest to the goal of the international legends was Pirlo’s free kick in the third quarter, rubbing the crossbar and landing on the net. The teammate ran over and rubbed his hair.

Familiar Pirlo Arc

Pirlo’s playing style requires the protection of his teammates, and he is also in his own position, shining light, illuminating the way of his partners. They have created a unique way of writing history in mutual fulfillment.

“People always think I’m very serious, but I can do the craziest things to my teammates and tell the most ridiculous jokes. But sometimes pranks will get me slapped, especially when Gattuso is around…”

As a teammate who has been with him for nearly ten years, Pirlo likes to call Gattuso “Terrone (Southern)”, but every time he calls it, he gets “fat”. In order to take revenge, Pirlo secretly took Gattuso’s cell phone and texted the team manager: “Dear Braida, as long as you agree to my contract requirements, I will give you my sister.” See this Information, Gattuso beat him again.

Elegant and indifferent, this is the unique label given to Pirlo by people. But there is always a small flame in his heart, which is not often revealed to outsiders.

In 2011, after playing for AC Milan for 10 years, Pirlo resolutely moved to his rival Juventus. He didn’t give any reason and didn’t have too many sensational and warm words, and he left a little “unfeeling.” It wasn’t until 5 years later that Pirlo revealed his feelings for the first time in his autobiography: “Milan is a small world with a difference. It has given me more than I dedicated to it. This feeling is sometimes mixed with sadness. Sometimes it is a pure sense of true feelings. In any case, it taught me a precious lesson in life: crying is good, tears can show you the most realistic look, the best proof of who you are. I did not suppress my tears, But let it come out.”

He waved his hand to be the youth of another generation

Fortunately, we have seen him cry many times in the past 20 years. His tears brought our perception of life and football, and also took away our youth.

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