NBA’s early game plan is deadlocked

More than half a month ago, the NBA played the longest season in history amidst praise. Although the epidemic is still raging across the United States, the miracle of zero epidemics and zero infections has been created in the “isolation bubble” set by the alliance. However, after the end of the season, both NBA labor and … Read more

Europa League 3-1, Milan is playing crazy!

Europa League 3-1, Milan

On October 23, Group H of the Europa League group match continued in full swing. The Celtics played at the Celtic Park Stadium against AC Milan! For the Celtics, the team lost 0-2 at home to the Glasgow Rangers in the last round of the Premier League. It currently ranks 2nd in the league with … Read more

Ronaldo’s new crown test result is positive


News, world football superstar, Portuguese national team captain Cristiano Ronaldo was diagnosed with the new crown, but he is an asymptomatic infected person, currently, Cristiano Ronaldo has left the national team for isolation. Then the Portuguese Football Association confirmed the news. Ronaldo appeared for the first time after the diagnosis, and he was in good spirits. … Read more

THOM BROWNE launches charity fashion series to raise funds for the Barcelona Foundation

THOM BROWNE launches charity fashion series

Adhering to the concept of “more than just a club”, FC Barcelona and the Barcelona Foundation continue to work to deal with the new crown virus crisis and provide support for children at risk through different projects around the world. The latest one is a collaboration with Thom Browne, a well-known American clothing company. In order … Read more

Human beings enter the turning point of transhumanism, the “artificial human” era of the future earth

Human beings enter the turning point of transhumanism

I believe many people have seen some sci-fi movies shot in Hollywood. In these sci-fi movies, there are some scenes in which humans become robots in the future, and then various chips with different functions are implanted in the body. People feel incredible. When some special chips are implanted in the body, many special functions … Read more

Refuse to reverse! The Heat beat the Lakers

The Heat beat the Lakers

At 9:10 a.m. on October 10, 2020, Beijing time, Game 5 of the NBA Finals started on the Orlando campus. The Lakers, which had a 3-1 lead before, are bound to pursue the championship by winning. This game also allowed James to play 259 games in the playoffs, tying Fisher and ranking first in history. … Read more