Old Zhan Shaan Lakers championship commemorative sweater

Old Zhan Shaan Lakers championship

In the 2020 playoffs, the Lakers, who broke into the finals series, won the 2020 championship trophy in 6 games with a 4-2 score against the Heat.

There is no doubt that LeBron James, who is the team leader and won the FMVP trophy, is the key to this Lakers winning the championship trophy. In this year’s final series against the Heat, James averaged 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds, and 8.5 assists per game for the Lakers, and James’ excellent performance on the court is also his ability to beat the offense and defense. Anthony Davis, and finally won the 4th FMVP trophy in his career.

After winning the 17th team history for the Lakers and the fourth championship trophy in his career, LeBron James is undoubtedly the legendary superstar second only to Michael Jordan in league history.

Obviously, the excitement of LeBron James has not completely passed over to win the championship trophy.

Beijing time on October 24th, LeBron James posted on his social media the Lakers championship commemorative sweater he was wearing.

LeBron James took a selfie on Instagram Story to show off his Lakers championship commemorative sweater. This white sweater has a gold basketball on the Lakers LOGO and the words “2020 World Champion” in purple and gold. design. And James also wrote in this short film: “World Champion”.

Considering the uniqueness of the 17th championship trophy in the history of the Lakers, this also represents another milestone in James’ career achievement. But if you want to say which championship trophy is the most meaningful and legendary championship trophy in LeBron James’ career, it is definitely a reversal in the 2016 finals with a 1-3 win in the regular season. The championship trophy for the record Warriors.

It should be noted that this is also the only championship trophy that James has won for the home team Cavaliers in his career. Of course, this also allows James to fulfill his promise to the Cavaliers. It is also the first championship trophy in the history of the Cavaliers, and it is also Cleveland for 52 years. The first championship trophy.

And James also posted on social media that he was looking back at the scene of the 2016 finals tiebreaker at home:

“I can’t sleep as usual, but this classic video of the game happened to be shown on TV. Looking back at the game now makes me excited as if I don’t know what has happened,” James was asked.

In the painful scenes, after he won the championship, LeBron James wrote: “That’s a 52-year championship drought!”

There is no doubt that this is the greatest championship trophy of LeBron James’ career so far, and winning this championship for the Cavaliers also means that James fulfills his promise. This will be an important championship for James’ career to become perfect.

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