Official announcement: West Ham signs the British champion Iron Guard! Scholes is the coach again!

British champion Iron Guard

Although the European transfer window has been closed, there are still many official announcements for European teams. Many leagues can still transfer, and some teams have begun to change coaches. There were two official announcements that received more attention yesterday evening. One is that West Ham officially announced the signing of Watford’s defender Dawson, and the other official announcement is that Salford City officials announced that coach Graham has dismissed get out of class, and former Manchester United star Scholes has become The coach of the team.

Recently, West Ham officials announced the signing of the 30-year-old home defender Dawson from Watford, the transfer method is a loan, a loan fee of 2.5 million pounds, and a buyout clause. Prior to this, West Ham wanted to sign Swansea’s Lawton, but because the players only wanted to join Tottenham, they eventually chose Dawson. After signing Dawson, West Ham’s signings are not over yet. They also hope to sign Brentford’s Ben Lahma or Bournemouth’s Joshua King. It seems that West Ham is also going to do a lot. One!

In addition to West Ham, Salford City, which is controlled by Manchester United’s 92nd Class, also announced that due to the team’s poor record, they fired coach Graham, and subsequently announced that one of the team’s shareholders, Scholes Interim coach. And then, much English media gave the odds of their new coach, of which Keane led the lead, and the other coaches and Neville are all listed, it seems that they are ready to let their own people to coach the team. However, to be honest, these Manchester United legends are not good at coaching. Scholes and Neville are not talking about it. When Keane was a coach, it is said that he beat all the players in his team, which is not suitable for him. Coach.

In addition to these two official announcements, there are some rumors. It is said that Tottenham are very close to signing Swansea defender Lawton, and they may sign Lawton at the buzzer in the final stage. West Ham is currently closer to signing Joshua King because Joshua King is easier to sign than Bin Lahma. And Manchester United is still pursuing Thrall, but the will of both parties is not particularly strong, it is hard to say whether they can reach an agreement. Wilshere is looking for a new home in the Premier League. He hopes to stay in the Premier League. At present, Wilshere is a free agent. Also looking for a job is the free agent Welbeck. I just don’t know, these rumors, what about the official announcement.

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