NBA’s early game plan is deadlocked

More than half a month ago, the NBA played the longest season in history amidst praise. Although the epidemic is still raging across the United States, the miracle of zero epidemics and zero infections has been created in the “isolation bubble” set by the alliance.

However, after the end of the season, both NBA labor and management have no capital and no time to be complacent. Because, although this season is over, the dark cloud of crisis lingers. When will the game start next season and what to do next, it has become a new problem for all league managers?

In order to give everyone more time to think, both parties have postponed the deadline for terminating the agreement four times. Although during this period, the two sides have been actively communicating and having a close dialogue, only on the issue of the start date of the new season, they have already had obvious differences.

The management’s point of view is very clear. The sooner the next season starts, the better. From the reports disclosed earlier, Xiao Hua and the team owners hope that the new season will advance to the start of the Christmas game. The reason for doing so is to play as much as possible. The regular season has minimized the loss of revenue for each team; on the other hand, I hope to finish the season before the Olympics next year so that some stars will not miss the opportunity to fight for the country.

For such a proposal, many voices in the NBA circle support it. After all, in the past season, the league was suspended for 4 months due to the epidemic, and the league played in isolation and without spectators for another three months. Although the season was successfully completed, compared to the previous normal seasons, the league has lost more than 10 Billion dollars.

However, when the external environment cannot improve, the situation of NBA revenue decline will not change significantly in a short time. Affected by this, the salary cap of the NBA may stagnate or even shrink in the next few seasons. Possible. For those teams that had been spending ahead of time in the previous seasons, once the salary cap shrinks, they will face a large luxury tax penalty. Some teams will be struggling to operate. Even a few days ago, the Jazz boss sold the team and left.

Not only that, but the delay in playing in the new season is also unprofitable for many active players. Earlier, ESPN’s well-known salary expert Bobby Marx tweeted to call for the new season to start as soon as possible, because according to his statistics, 120 players in the league have not played games since March. Previously, in order to help players recover, the Warriors and other teams have held mini training camps, but obviously, the effects of training camps are very limited. In the absence of actual combat, the players want to maintain excellent combat effectiveness. almost impossible.

However, there are also many objections to the hasty start of the new season. Michelle Roberts, executive director of the Players Union, expressed concern. She said that some players think that the finals will only end in October. If the game is played in December, it means that the training camp will start around December 1st. There is too little time to rest, and they hope it will be better to start in January next year.

In addition, some Lakers players previously revealed that if the new season starts in a hurry, the core of the Lakers LeBron James will even take a full rotation in the first month of the season to reserve more physical fitness. In the league, the recovery period like James is relatively long, and there are definitely many stars who want to enjoy the privileges. Once the time comes, similar problems will increase, and the operation of NBA teams may encounter new problems.

However, in the face of the overall situation of protecting ratings and protecting revenue, NBA management obviously does not want to let the stars act anymore. It is reported that in the recent negotiations, the management has gradually lost patience and frequently forced the palace. In the face of another wave of losses of more than one billion dollars that may come, many NBA owners really can’t afford it. But on some issues of principle, the players do not seem to have the intention to back down. Perhaps the deadlock between the two sides will continue for some time to come.

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