Messi is the most resistant to pay cuts in Barcelona

Messi is the most resistant to pay cuts in Barcelona

In January of next year, Barcelona needs to cut wages by 190 million euros to prevent the club from falling into a state of possible bankruptcy. In order to persuade the players to cut their salaries, the interim management committee has had a multi-day dialogue with the lawyers selected by the players. Barcelona originally set yesterday as the deadline for the dialogue. If the two sides fail to reach an agreement, Barcelona will unilaterally force a pay cut. But now “Aspen” pointed out that although the dialogue between the two sides did not produce results, the club has postponed the deadline to November 11.

The new crown epidemic has brought a huge economic impact on Barcelona. In the case of a sharp drop in income, Barcelona must reduce salary expenditure in order to survive. Barcelona’s so-called pay cut is actually a delayed pay. Barcelona hopes to pay 30% less salary this season, after the club’s economic situation improves in the future, these owed salaries will be reissued. Langley, Ter Stegen, and De Jong all agreed to this clause when they renewed their contract not long ago. When Pique renewed his contract, he even voluntarily adjusted the salary cut to 50%.

But other Barcelona players have not yet reached an agreement with the club on the issue of salary cuts. According to a report by Serre Radio, of all Barcelona players, Messi is the clearest and most resolute in opposition to a salary cut. At present, many players have verbally agreed to a 30% pay cut, but Messi is the most difficult person to reach an agreement with. Messi is the highest-paid player in the Barcelona team and he is also the owner of the captain’s armband. The contract between Messi and Barcelona will expire next summer, and there is currently no renewal dialogue between the two parties.

Barcelona postponed the deadline for renewal negotiations to November 11, which means that the club still has confidence in reaching an agreement through negotiations. Many players agree in principle to postpone the salary payment for January and February next year, but require the club to give a clear explanation and statement on the salary reduction plan. And the players do not want to talk to the interim management committee but want to talk to the new chairman, but the new chairman will be released as soon as the new year. If the negotiation between the two parties fails, it does not rule out the possibility of Barcelona’s unilateral forced pay cut.

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