Inter Milan Finally Finds Its Own System Players, Two Veterans Join To Make The Team Stronger

With the signing of Vidal and Kolarov, Inter Milan reinforced the weaker link in his lineup last season, and Conte also got the players he wanted. The joining of Vidal and Kolarov greatly enhanced the strength of Inter Milan’s lineup. Although the outside world has doubts about the age of Inter Milan’s new aid, both of them are really power players. Under the Serie A “older, more monster” law, age has never been an issue.

Both Vidal and Kolarov have absolute strength. Both of them are the main players of the team in Barcelona and Rome. In the past two seasons, Vidal is the absolute core of Barcelona’s midfield. Vidal played 43 times in the 19-20 season. Scored 8 goals and 3 assists. In the 18-19 season, Vidal played 53 times, scored 3 goals, and sent 7 assists, helping Barcelona reach the La Liga championship and the Spanish Super Cup championship. The 34-year-old Kolarov played 132 times in three seasons in Rome, surrendering 19 goals and 20 assists. He averaged more than 40 appearances in three seasons. The player’s ability is beyond doubt. The joining of the two players is also in line with Conte’s idea of ​​signing. After the end of last season, Conte expressed his hope to bring some veterans with rich experience to the team. Vidal and Kolarov belong to such players. Vidal’s professional experience has played for Bayern, Barcelona, and other giant clubs. He has won many championships in his career and is a player with real championship experience. Kolarov is the same. During the previous period of Manchester City, with Manchester City won two Premier League titles, Inter Milan, which has been suppressed by veterans, will play more stability in the major games of the new season.

After the experience of last season, the young players in the Inter Milan team have been fully trained. After the two players of Kolarov and Vidal, the team’s age structure is more reasonable. In terms of midfield, the team has 23 years old. Barrera, 25-year-old Sensi, 26-year-old Gagliardini, 27-year-old Brozovic, and 33-year-old Vidal. The defense has 21-year-old Bastoni, 21-year-old Ashraf, 25-year-old Shkriniar, plus 34-year-old Kolarov and Ashley-Young. The age level of the team in the midfield and the main bench lineup is more reasonable. The addition of two players with absolute strength and rich experience can also effectively promote the growth of young players in the team during the game.

You know, in the just-concluded 2019-20 season, Inter Milan, with many young players, achieved second place in the league and created the best league ranking in the past 10 years, only one point behind Juventus. In the Europa League, the team reached the final, losing to Sevilla and finishing second. Although the results have made great progress, the problems that Inter Milan exposed last season, including the inexperience of young players in the big game, the weak assist ability of the wings, etc., have been fully obtained through these two signings. solve. In addition, it is worth mentioning that these two signings are quite cost-effective. They have greatly improved the team’s strength without paying too much for the transfer fee. People have to praise Inter Milan in the transfer market. Flexible policies applied. Kolarov also expressed his determination after joining Inter Milan, “I have had many opportunities to join Inter Milan in the past. Finally, 10 years later, I finally joined the team I want to go to. I hope to be able to As a team, we can cooperate smoothly and achieve success.” Inter Milan will be brand new in the new season and it is worth looking forward to.



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