Indian Super Cricket League Suspended and Vivo Sponsorship Agreement

India Super Cricket League suspended and Vivo sponsorship agreement

It was reported on August 6 that the Indian Super Cricket League (IPL) suspended its cooperation agreement with its main sponsor, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Vivo, on the 6th following the ban on many Chinese apps (Apps). The Indian Cricket Management Committee stated that the agreement for the 2020 tournament has been canceled and the game is scheduled to start in the UAE on September 19. In 2017, Vivo signed a five-year contract with the Indian Super Cricket League (IPL) worth over US$300 million to sponsor the cricket tournament. India’s suspension of the cooperation agreement now means that the contract that originally expired in 2022 ended two years earlier.

A new mechanism is launched on Weibo, prohibiting financial bloggers from recommending stocks in paid products
According to the news on August 6, in order to regulate the use of value-added paid products by financial bloggers, a new monitoring mechanism has been launched on Weibo. Financial bloggers shall not engage in the following behaviors in paid products that may lead to transaction risks, including the release of recommended stock information, Guide stock trading, or illegal transactions.

Gree Electric: Wang Jingdong steps down as the company’s financial manager
Gree Electric issued an announcement stating that due to the adjustment of the company’s internal work positions, Wang Jingdong no longer serves as the company’s financial director, and still serves as the company’s director, vice president, and board secretary. His work adjustment will not affect the normal development of the company’s related work.

Microsoft seeks to acquire TikTok’s global business

On August 6th, according to sources familiar with the matter cited by the Financial Times, Microsoft is seeking to acquire TikTok’s global business, including businesses in India and Europe. A person familiar with ByteDance’s Asia Pacific business said that the reason why Microsoft wants to acquire TikTok’s global business is that it is difficult to separate back-end functions such as human resources, and it is difficult to ensure that TikTok users in one country are traveling to another. The app can still be used in the country.

Burger King’s quarterly revenue plummets by 25%
According to CNBC’s August 6 news, Restaurant Brands International reported on Thursday that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the quarterly revenues of Burger King and Tim Hortons plummeted 25%.

Ideal explains the spontaneous combustion of ideal ONE

The explanation is as follows: At about 16:09 on August 6, 2020, in the direction of Sihui and Lianzhou, Erguang Expressway, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, an accident occurred in a driving ideal ONE, which caused the vehicle to catch fire. The ideal car staff has rushed to the scene as soon as possible to confirm the user’s situation. At present, two people in the vehicle are staying in the hospital for observation, and the rest of the passengers are personally safe. Ideal means the specific cause of the accident and the detailed analysis result, and a detailed investigation and analysis of the accident site are pending.

Xiaobawang game console business operating company is listed as the executor
According to the China Enforcement Information Disclosure Network, the Shanghai Branch of Zhongshan Xiaobawang Leading Technology Co., Ltd. was listed as the executor by the People’s Court of Xuhui District, Shanghai, and the case was filed on August 04, 2020. Zhongshan Xiaobawang Leading Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch is a development and operation company for the Xiaobawang game console business. Previously, the Xiaobawang Shanghai team responsible for developing the Xiaobawang game console was dissolved on May 10, 2019.

Lifan shares: controlling shareholders apply to the court for judicial reorganization
Lifan shares issued an announcement stating that the controlling shareholder Chongqing Lifan Holdings Co., Ltd. applied to the Chongqing Fifth Intermediate People’s Court for judicial reorganization on the grounds that it could not pay off its due debts and its assets were insufficient to pay off all debts. At present, the company has been applied by creditors to enter the bankruptcy reorganization process. If the court accepts the creditor’s application for the company’s reorganization in accordance with the law, the company’s stock will be subject to a delisting risk warning.

IQ and Youku were administratively punished for posting prohibited content including the sexual suggestion
On August 6th, according to the official Weibo news of the National Anti-Pornography Office, Beijing’s Anti-Pornography Office has recently deployed cultural law enforcement forces to focus on special rectification of video websites. The Beijing Municipal Cultural Market Comprehensive Law Enforcement Corps has taken a look at the video platforms “Youku”, “Iqiyi” has conducted centralized investigations on violations of laws and regulations. A total of 6 violations were investigated and 6 administrative penalties were imposed. The two platforms were fined 90,000 yuan.

Ant chooses CICC as its A-share listing sponsor

According to informed sources, Ant Group has selected CICC to arrange its initial public offering for listing on the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Board. Another person familiar with the matter said that Ant Group may submit applications for listing in Hong Kong and Shanghai as soon as this month. The plan is still under negotiation, and there are still variables in the specific progress. Both Ant Group and CICC declined to comment.

Baoshan Bank will be filed for bankruptcy

The Central Bank released the second quarter China Monetary Policy Implementation Report, stating that, according to the results of the previous period of Baoshang Bank’s serious insolvency, Baoshan Bank will be filed for bankruptcy, and the original shareholders’ equity and unsecured claims will be liquidated according to law. ; In addition, relevant departments are holding relevant personnel accountable in accordance with laws and regulations.

Google’s official store no longer sells Pixel 4 and Pixel 4L phones

According to TheVerge news, Google officially confirmed that its official store no longer sells Pixel 4 and Pixel 4L phones, but consumers can also buy these two phones from other channels. In addition, these two phones will also receive operating systems and Security updates for the month until October 2022. Pixel 4 and Pixel 4L were released in October 2019, nine and a half months ago.

Mango TV: A certain platform refuses to deliver “Liu Li” broadcast media
Mango TV, the video platform of Mango SuperMedia, today issued a statement of apology through its official Weibo. Mango TV stated that the TV series “Liu Li” originally scheduled to be launched on Mango TV on August 6, 2020, was caused by a platform that suddenly unilaterally terminated the contract on the evening of August 5, 2020, and refused to deliver broadcast media to Mango TV. The play cannot meet everyone.

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