Human beings enter the turning point of transhumanism, the “artificial human” era of the future earth

I believe many people have seen some sci-fi movies shot in Hollywood. In these sci-fi movies, there are some scenes in which humans become robots in the future, and then various chips with different functions are implanted in the body. People feel incredible. When some special chips are implanted in the body, many special functions will be added, such as tracking or sensing the existence of things around, as if the body has superpowers. I believe many people I very much hope that I can also have such superpowers. And now the scientific community really has this kind of body implant technology, which is to implant some small chips directly into our body, so that we can truly have a certain special function, and humans may become this in the future. This kind of semi-robot can avoid the rise of robots, completely weed out our human beings, and even extinction, but is this kind of body modification acceptable to everyone?

To talk about body implant technology, we have to talk about the relationship between robots and cyborgs. Everyone should be familiar with robots, because now robots have been relatively used in many aspects, and we humans are gradually Accepting robots to replace our humans in certain aspects of work can save manpower and material resources.

And this kind of semi-robot is an electronically controlled organism. Simply put, it is not a real robot. It can only be regarded as a creature that is half human and half machine, that is, we humans and intelligent machines. Perfectly combined, and this kind of cyborg generally has the advantages of both human and intelligent machinery. Of course, this cyborg may be the goal of future technological development.

Scientists also said that if this body implant technology continues to develop and the results achieved are more gratifying, then in the future, perhaps by 2070, our entire human body may be directly replaced by all parts of the robot. And in the market, maybe anyone can purchase the parts and components of their own body so that we humans have the superpowers in science fiction movies in a true sense.

Therefore, the implantation of intelligent machinery and various chips in our body can upgrade our body, which will be very helpful for the future exploration of the universe, and even in all aspects.

In fact, at least 10,000 people around the world have tried this method of subcutaneous implantation of microchips. Although this technology has just begun, research scholars say that this type of subcutaneous implantation of microchips is actually the same as our usual ears. It is similar to getting a piercing or doing some tattoos on the body, and this kind of subcutaneous implantation technology will not cause body bleeding and body adverse reactions, which is a key turning point for us now human beings enter transhumanism.

Moreover, with the help of this subcutaneous implant technology, we humans may be able to break through the current physical and spiritual limits, thereby making our human bodies more powerful.

Globally, many people have implanted this kind of subcutaneous chip, and some even have as many as nine implants in the body. However, some people have also said that the introduction of these implants into your body actually exists. Big negative effects, for example, will make you feel particularly painful, especially implanting a magnet chip, you will feel very painful.

But this kind of magnet chip allows him to perceive the electromagnetic radiation around him, and he can judge whether some microwaves are turned on, or even wires and the like, which really possesses the superpower in his imagination. And each chip actually has its own special function.

However, scientists believe that although many people have implanted these chips in their bodies on a global scale, this has not been able to become a mainstream behavior. It has now shown a growing trend, and the functions of various grafts are also very good. Many people regard the medical treatment as the main application field of biological science and technology, especially now that some people have a hearing impairment or have difficulty swallowing, they can use these technologies to control the body, so that they can hear sounds and The purpose of eating.

Although this technology has attracted the attention of many people, and the implantation of subcutaneous chips is getting cheaper, scientists still do not recommend people to try it, and some people will even object to this body implant technology. It is likely to accelerate the arrival of the end of the world.

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