How Many Meters Does A Tennis Player Run In A Game?

Djokovic leaves the US Open

The big news made by Djokovic at the US Open-venting his anger and hitting the referee and was directly sentenced to lose, allowing the outside world to focus their attention on the tennis court.

The U.S. Open is the first Grand Slam tournament in tennis since the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The players have been chasing tennis balls for hours of competition, which arouses everyone’s curiosity: How far can tennis players go after a game?

Recently, the American running website “Runner’s World” has collected data from big data websites and solved this long-standing secret. At the same time, it also revealed another layer of “intimacy” between running and tennis.

Ferrer is a famous “iron man”. Ferrer is a famous “iron man”.

Tennis has always been regarded as one of the competitive sports in ball sports with long-running distance and strong exercise intensity.

According to statistics from the American mainstream sports media “Sports Illustrated”, with the exception of football with an average running distance of 11 kilometers per game and hockey with an average of 9 kilometers, most ball sports can run less than tennis in one game.

According to the data of the Australian Open provided by IBM to “Runner’s World”, Djokovic, who was disqualified this time, and David Ferrer, the former star, are two extremes on the tennis court.

Ferrer, known for his speed and agility, can be regarded as an iron man in tennis. He ran a total distance of 10,000 meters in three rounds, which is 10 kilometers.

You need to know that the size of a tennis court is about 670 square meters. If it is a singles game, the boundary of the game is even smaller. You have to run 10 kilometers back and forth in such a space, which shows how intense the exercise is.

On the other hand, Djokovic, because his style of play is closer to the bottom line, so in the Australian Open at the time, the total running distance of Djokovic in the three rounds of the game was less than half of Ferrer’s, almost only 4000 meters. To about 5000 meters, that is, less than 5 kilometers.

Wozniacki is a marathon master. Wozniacki is a marathon master.
In women’s tennis, Wozniacki can be regarded as a veritable tennis “running god”-according to the statistics of “Sports Pictorial”, her previous running distance at the US Open was 9709 meters, which is 4509 meters higher than Serena Williams Almost doubled.


After reading the running data of elite players, many people may think that this is just the running data of professional tennis players on the court, and it is not of reference value for ordinary people. But in fact, as long as you stand on the tennis court, whether it is an elite player or the general public, the running distance will not differ too much.

According to data collected by the sports brand Fitbit according to its own sports bracelets and watches in 2020, an average of 10,680 steps can be exercised in one hour of tennis. If you double in one hour, you can exercise almost 7,980 steps.

Serena waits for Wozniacki at the end of the New York Marathon. Serena waits for Wozniacki at the end of the New York Marathon.
Tennis, one of the ideal running cross-training

After watching the running distance of tennis, you may be able to understand why many tennis stars are long-distance runners. The most famous of these is the Danish star Wozniacki.

In 2014, two months after Wozniacki was eliminated by Serena in the US Open finals, she ran a full run in the New York Marathon and completed her own in only 3 hours, 26 minutes, and 33 seconds. The first New York Marathon.

Interestingly, many tennis players including Dejo and Murray admired Wozniacki’s running ability, but they also publicly expressed their willingness to participate in endurance events, especially long-distance running, after they retire. in.

“Tennis itself is a very intense exercise. It can not only keep athletes healthy but also can be a choice for cross-training after running.” Dr. Kevin Vincent, head of the University of Florida Drug Clinic Just tell “Runner’s World”.

Due to the high intensity of tennis, regular games and training can help athletes improve their cardiac performance. “In addition, running is an activity mainly performed on a flat surface, including forwarding and backward sports. By incorporating tennis into your running training, you will benefit To move laterally or laterally.”

Nadal is a famous “sliding” and running master. Nadal is a famous “sliding” and running master.
It is worth mentioning that the fat-burning efficiency of tennis is not low.

According to statistics from the United States Sports Commission, as a full-body, intense aerobic exercise, a sports enthusiast of about 68 kg can burn about 544 calories in an hour of singles matches, which is approximately equivalent to running easily. The calories consumed in one hour.


However, if tennis is used as a cross-training for long-distance running, it is best not to put it on the training day with high intensity of long-distance running or the day after.

“If you play tennis after a lot of exercises, you are prone to inaccurate running position, landing on your feet, and unstable directions. Then the risk of calf or hamstring injury is very high.”

Dr. Darin Bligh, who is also an ultramarathon runner and MD of Ohio Health Sports, emphasized, “Acute muscle tension is the most common occurrence in tennis training and competition. As long as you don’t play tennis after high-intensity long-distance running training, tennis is helpful. To strengthen the body and balance the leg muscles.”

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