How hard is the candidate for the Golden Boy Award?

In the 60-man list of the Golden Boy Awards announced last month, almost every European giant team has young stars in the list: Manchester United’s Greenwood, Liverpool’s Curtis Jones, Chelsea’s Odoi, Assen Martinelli of Barcelona, ​​Phil Foden of Manchester City, Kulusevsky of Juventus, Rodrigo of Real Madrid, Pedri of Barcelona, ​​Alfonso Davis of Bayern…With Fabio -Silva joined the Wolves, this Chinese-owned Premier League upstart, finally has two new stars selected for the 60-man squad.

“When Ronaldo was 17 years old, he played the center position in the youth team of Portuguese sports. I saw what he did at the time, and now what I see is what a boy from Porto does. He is Fabio- Silva.” As early as two years ago, Portuguese media described this talented striker who averaged close to 1 goal per game in the Porto U17 youth team. In the following two years, as Fabio Silva continued to be efficient, the heated discussion and interest in this Portuguese genius continued unabated.

In a Portuguese Super League last year, it attracted dozens of scouts from mainstream European clubs, and they looked at only one target, and that was Fabio Silva, who was only 17 years old. The youngest player in team history, the youngest scoring player in team history, and many other records were refreshed by him in the 2019-2020 season. The body, technology, and personality are all similar to Ronaldo of the same age, and it continues to warm Fabio Silva’s popularity.

In order to prevent the supernova from leaving the team at a low price, Porto renewed his contract with Fabio Silva in November last year, increasing his 25 million euro termination fee to five times the original. The sky-high price of 125 million euros also set a record for players in the Portuguese Super League, exceeding the 120 million euros transfer fee when Joao Felix joined Atletico last year. Nevertheless, the European powers’ interest in Fabio Silva continues unabated. Whether it is Real Madrid, Juventus, Atletico Madrid or Liverpool, they have had scandals with the Portuguese teenager, but they all ended up without a problem.

How hard is the candidate for the Golden Boy Award?

How hard is it to get Fabio Silva? Perhaps Real Madrid is the most suitable team to give the answer. According to Portuguese media “The Record” in April this year, Real Madrid and Barcelona are both interested in Porto’s striker Fabio Silva, but the Portuguese super giants refused to negotiate a transfer. The Galaxy battleship even offered Fabio Silva a price of 50 million euros, but Porto remained unmoved.

Now that Fabio Silva has landed on the Wolves, the Portuguese teenager’s choice is surprising but very pragmatic. After all, compared to the fiercely competitive Real Madrid, Fabio Silva can get more stable playing time in the Wolves formation. In addition, the Wolves’ characteristics of cultivating young players and the environment of many Portuguese players are also more conducive to the growth of the 18-year-old.

Not only at the club level, but Fabio Silva was also a blockbuster in the Portuguese national youth team last season. In the U19 match against Italy last October, he performed a perfect hat trick in 45 minutes. If it is not due to the epidemic, Silva is even expected to complete the U21 national team and even the Portuguese national team’s debut last season. Now that I have come to the wider world of the Premier League, it may not be a dream to expect Fabio Silva to appear in the European Cup next summer.

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