Green: This is the hardest final for me, fans: It’s the hardest final for us

NBA ushered in a rest day. In the G3 game that just ended yesterday, the Lakers lost to the Heat. After the game, someone must become the darling of the media, and of course, someone must be the result of the game. Back the pot.

There will be many problems with losing, but winning can solve all problems. After the game, the darling of the media is naturally these two people. Butler, the first to win, has 40 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists! Butler contributed a large triple-double in G3 in the finals, shoulder to shoulder with James and Jerry West, and scored 40+ points twice in the playoffs in a single season. The history of the Heat tied Wade and James. Butler took a rest 3 Minutes, not a single three-pointer shot, still scored 40 points, shoulder to shoulder with O’Neal in 2002, enough to see the determination of Butler today! Before the start of G2, Butler said in an interview before the game: “I will win this desperately!” Although he will be late, he will not be absent.

In the post-match interview, Butler said again: “I don’t care about triple-doubles or triple-doubles. I don’t care if I have 40+ points. I only care if I am the one who won.” A short sentence is enough to prove Bart. Le showed his determination and his toughness incisively and vividly. The funny thing is that in the post-match interview, there was a link to chat with everyone in the ESPN connection.

Green: This is the hardest final for me, fans: It’s the hardest final for us

Barkley: “I know there is a barbershop in the semi-finals, but I think you didn’t find it or you didn’t find it at all.” Butler: “I think my style can help me, so just ignore him. “There are a lot of mental hobbies like this. For example, Rondo once wore the hairband backward. He also thinks that this style can help him.

And Barkley asked: “I know you like to sell coffee in the semi-finals. I heard that you sold coffee for $20 a cup. Don’t you think it is a bit expensive?” Butler: “Whatever others say, you “I love to buy or not,” Barkley asked again later: “These people around me predict that the results are the Lakers 4-0. What do you think of this?” Butler: “What about you” The surrounding laughed, and then he said: ” OK, OK, needless to say,”

There is a winner, and the one who loses must always pick one. The Wolong and Phoenix chicks will be able to settle down in the world. If you take both of them, you will be messed up. Who is the best choice for Wolong and Phoenix chicks? Choose Wolong. When asked about Green’s hip injury, Green said that there was nothing wrong with him. The main problem now is to calm his mind: “Man, I’m still playing on the court, I’m fine.”

Then he said: “I’ll be fine. We have to keep everyone on the same channel mentally. Physically, I think we are okay, mentally, and emotionally. I think everyone should stay at this moment and don’t look down. To the end, so we still have work to do, step by step, round by round, getting there day by day”

Considering what is happening around him now, Green said: “Personally, this has been the hardest year for me mentally and emotionally. I am overcoming him, that is, everything around him. What happened this year has a lot of changes. Ups and downs, we ended this season when we came here, we don’t want to fail, we don’t want to go back empty-handed, so we must continue to complete the task, continue to maintain a strong heart, and maintain positive energy”.

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