Ginobili commented on the five most difficult NBA stars to defend

Ginobili commented on the five most difficult NBA stars to defend

Most of the NBA’s superstars have strong offensive capabilities, so defense is very difficult. Ginobili has played against many excellent basketball players on the NBA court, so he selected the five most difficult to defend in the NBA. The star, Jordan and him are in different eras, so there is no Jordan on this list, and there is no objection to the top players.

Fifth place, Wade

Wade is in fifth place. He used to play for the Heat. Ginobili and Wade have met on the field many times and played against each other in the finals. Their personal abilities are very strong, so when they appear together, the situation is always It was very fierce, because the two played against each other, so they also sympathized with each other, Ginobili also thinks Wade is difficult to defend.

Fourth place, Curry

Curry is in fourth place. They are on different teams. The Warriors and Spurs are very strong teams, so it is very common to meet on the court. Curry has always been a core player and is also very aggressive in terms of offense. Sex, at his peak, Ginobili really had a hard time defending him.

Third place, Harden

As a shooting guard, Harden’s performance in the regular season and the playoffs is very outstanding. Harden’s physical fitness is very good and his arms are strong. Ginobili is often restricted by Harden on the court.

Second place, Durant

Durant is a core figure no matter which team he is in. His scoring ability is very strong. He won the first championship of his career when he was in the Warriors. His personal ability is very strong and he often competes with each other on the court. Ginobili’s team met. From the results of the game and the performance on the field, Ginobili is not Durant’s opponent.

First place, Kobe

In Ginobili’s mind, Kobe ranks first. Kobe has a huge influence in the NBA. He is one of the best in offense and defense. With Kobe’s explosive power on the court, few people can be his opponent. , So it’s not controversial at all.


Finally realized that I was in trouble! Seeing James didn’t respond, Owen quickly explained

Recently, the NBA’s most concerned thing in the finals. The Los Angeles Lakers had already beaten the Miami Heat in terms of lineup thickness and height. Now the Heat has injured two main players Dragic and Adebayor, and the Lakers have no possibility of losing.

But off the court, the NBA is also very capable of making news, because their stars like to express their ideas. In a recent show, Owen, the star of the Brooklyn Nets, was caught by the host.

At that time, the host asked Irving who he would choose to cast the lore if the game reached the final moment. At this time Irving exposed his lack of emotional intelligence. First, he said that he was the best candidate, but after meeting Durant, he would choose to pass, because “Durant is the player I have worked with to make the most critical shots. “.

Irving’s original intention was to tout his new teammates. After all, Durant has been recovering from injuries after the transfer to the Nets and has never partnered with Irving. But Irving’s remarks obviously did not take into account the mood of his former teammates, such as James.

In all fairness, the data show that James has far better shots and shooting percentage than Irving in lore. Although Irving has a lot of great shots, in fact, his grasp of key shots is not high. Faced with this situation, James did not respond at all, he chose to focus on the Lakers and the Finals.

Now, Owen finally realized that he had said something wrong, and recorded a small video saying “Why do your media always like to let our brotherhood fall into opposition?” But no matter how you explain it, it’s very obvious that Irving doesn’t know how to speak gracefully.

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