For Beginners, Which Brand Is Better For Tennis Rackets?

This answer is the answer to the question I just answered “As a beginner, how to buy tennis rackets and other accessories?” for reference only.


According to my own experience, the order of importance for beginners to buy and complete the necessary tennis equipment is as follows: 1. Professional tennis shoes, not necessarily too expensive; 2. A tennis racket that suits you; 3. The necessary accessories, of course, are part of the purchase, such as shock absorbers, wrist guards, etc. Explain in a little detail, how to buy a suitable tennis racket for beginners: 1. Choose a suitable racket according to age and gender. There are several specific parameters to the consider-racket surface (about 105 square inches, 100~110, even OK It can be bigger); weight (about 275 grams for men, about 275 for women or slightly lower). For me, these are the two most important parameters. 2. Brand. Well-known brands such as Wilson, Head, Babolat, Yonex, Prince, Dunlop, Tecnifibre, etc. are all available for purchase. Materials and technology are all gimmicks. Beginners have no idea at all and they are far from able to appreciate the advantages and disadvantages. So for beginners to shoot this file, only the logo is different. In a word, you like it. 3. Price. Depending on your budget, about 500rmb is enough to buy a fairly good beginner racket. Personally, I don’t recommend a one-step purchase method. You can go directly to a professional racket when you come up, although you may not be short of money. Generally, the price of Xin professional racket is about 1250, the old professional racket is about 1,000, and there are as low as 750 and up; the intermediate is about 800-1000 MB; the junior is about 200-500. Generally speaking, the better the material, the higher the price, as low as one or two hundred are usually made of aluminum alloy. Although the merchant or brand will indicate what “carbon composite material”, in fact, this price can only be aluminum alloy. 4. This point is specifically for those who don’t need money from star chasers. Usually, such as Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Shava, Li Na, and other famous players, the rackets they use are definitely not suitable for beginners, because it is easy to exceed the range of strength you can bear, or because You were injured when you hit the ball incorrectly. But these star rackets usually have a simplified version-the shape of the racket is exactly the same and very similar to the one used by the star, but the weight has been reduced to about 275 grams that you can bear. So, what kind of star do you like, buy a special simplified version according to the style, fashionable and easy to use. It is recommended that you do your homework online first, and at least check some information, so as not to be fooled into buying the wrong racket after entering the store. Usually, beginners are also the stage where the most progress of the game skills, according to the length of playing time and technical level, maybe one and a half years later, you can change to a suitable racket as needed.

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