European football has turned into an interest group regardless of player health

European football

On the 17th alone, well-known players such as Suarez, Ernéni, and Dougherty were diagnosed. Before that, none of the new and old famous players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Mancini, and Totti were spared…

But unlike March, this time European football chose to stick to the game and no longer shut down. Because most football associations and leagues can no longer withstand financial pressure, behemoths such as Barcelona have also racked their brains to cut wages, otherwise, there may be bankruptcy…

Perhaps, in the eyes of managers, the number on the account is far more important than the increased number of confirmed cases. Ronaldo gave a thumbs up during isolation.

Like the leaves swept by the ruthless autumn wind, the players fell one by one, either because of injuries or infection.

There are no fairy tales this autumn, only the players “leave” one by one when they are exhausted. The countless statistics of injury and epidemic situations, from the very beginning of explosive news to people turning a blind eye to even indifference, have become the norm.

No one can help but ask: Is the football industry unregulated in Europe? The cruel answer is that it is the management agencies and authorities of this industry, what they did, or inaction, caused international football to become an industry in disaster years, especially disasters.

Because of the high frequency of injuries and one after another epidemic infections, this high-incidence period is exactly the three national team competition weeks this autumn.

Each national team competition week, different national teams have to be arranged for three games, a wide range of international travel, in the international scope of the epidemic prevention and monitoring, is extremely uneven, international players have become even less valuable for medical research.” Little white mouse”.

When an industry’s management organization, an industry “protector god”-like a leading organization, only seeks for rice beams and pursues commercial income to maintain its operation, such a management organization simply does not deserve to be a “protector god”. It fell into an interest group.

International football encourages and guides economic development, of course, it is correct, but the purpose of encouragement and guidance is to promote the development of the football industry. This is one of the basic norms of a civilized society. Suarez was infected during the national team game.

And FIFA, as well as UEFA African Football Confederation, South American Football Confederation, and then to the Football Associations of Western countries and regions, from Infantino to the barking former England FA President, they only have interests in their eyes. ——What they worry about is just how much the “loss” of their own institutions and their sites will be this year under the blow of the epidemic.

Their estimation of “loss” is not about worrying about the industry’s recession and the shaking of the foundation of sports survival. What they have estimated are only income figures.

Therefore, during the second and third waves of the epidemic, the national team will still be played endlessly. Because this is the money bag of the international football management agency and the football associations of western countries and regions.

They don’t get a share of the money in the professional leagues and they are already jealous. The media rights of these national team games have long been sold, and the corresponding income has been obtained. Even like the Argentina and Ecuador football associations, the income has been spent. Up.

So, can you not play these games? Salah was diagnosed with the new crown, and an Egyptian couple took wedding photos in front of his isolation hotel.

Salah was diagnosed with the new crown, and an Egyptian couple took wedding photos in front of his isolation hotel.

The money is gone, what life is there? What’s more, it is not the officials of the Western Football Association who talk and lie down, but the players whose salaries are already scarily high.

When football and the entire sport are challenged by existential threats, leadership and management institutions are most needed to take a long-term perspective to preserve the vitality of the sport, we suddenly discovered that football has no management institutions at all.

Some are just a business organization that twists and hires you-FIFA, etc. Isn’t it more like a company that relies on football for money?

Infantino and other big players in the West need the wealth created by the national team’s game week so that they can distribute the money to various affiliates, realize the acceptance of votes and interests, and everyone can keep their positions and continue. The next round of the game.

Illnesses and infections of players are rare, and even high-sounding words of kindness are rare. Officials have no time to care about the recovery of players who were infected with the virus during different epidemics and whether there will be hidden dangers in the future.

Football has put these lawyers and businessmen, who are also ordinary people, in high positions. They control the different “football officials” in the West and continue their dreams. Even these dreams have nothing to do with football.

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