Europa League 3-1, Milan is playing crazy!

Europa League 3-1, Milan

On October 23, Group H of the Europa League group match continued in full swing. The Celtics played at the Celtic Park Stadium against AC Milan!

For the Celtics, the team lost 0-2 at home to the Glasgow Rangers in the last round of the Premier League. It currently ranks 2nd in the league with 25 points; and for AC Milan, the team was in the previous round. In Serie A, they defeated Inter Milan 2-1 away and scored 9 wins and 1 tie in the past 10 games. He currently ranks first in the league with 12 points.

Celtics 1-3AC Milan

At the beginning of the game, in the 13th minute, AC Milan launched an offensive on the front side of the field. Castillejo dribbled the ball from the right side of the frontcourt, rushed to the outside of the penalty area, and made a 45-degree left foot. Passing the ball, the ball fell to the middle of the penalty area, and at this time Kronic headed the ball in the penalty area and pushed the ball into the goal. Klunic scored AC Milan’s first goal!

In the 42nd minute, AC Milan’s backcourt goalkeeper Donnarumma kicked off and found Ibrahimovic who was on the left side of the midfield. Then Ibrahimovic took the ball to instigate an attack and distributed the ball to Special Olympics who quickly followed behind. Special Olympics got the ball. Coming to the left side of the frontcourt and sending a cross pass, Dias rushed to the ball and adjusted his movements after catching the ball. He directly pushed his right foot into the far corner of the goal. Dias ushered in the first goal of the European game. AC Milan expands its lead 2-0!

At the end of the first half, the two teams currently lead the Celtics 2-0 at home. In the first half, AC Milan showed a strong performance in the past period of time. First, Kronic header opened the scoring, and then Dias scored the goal. AC Milan took the initiative in the first half!

In the second half, the Celtics got a left corner kick in the 75th minute. Kritis took the corner kick and replaced El Yunussi in the middle of the small penalty area. Headed the goal to help the Celtics win back a city!

In the 92nd minute, this was an instigation from AC Milan on the right side of the frontcourt. The Milan player made a straight kick Heyug at the top of the arc quickly inserted a single-handed goal. Heyug, who broke into the middle of the penalty area, faced the goalkeeper. , A direct kick shot and scored, Heyug ushered in the first goal of the team’s career, AC Milan 3-1 killed all suspense in the game!

At the end of the game, AC Milan defeated the Celtics 3-1 and scored 3 points. In Group H of the Europa League group stage, AC Milan accumulated 3 points and rose to second place in the group. This is also the team’s 28 With an unbeaten record, they will compete with Czech giants Sparta Prague in the next round!

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