Deft was confident that he was defeated by JKL

Now the S10 game is going on fiercely, and many teams have performed very well. Starting from the first day of S10, we saw the LCK competition is overwhelming as if it were overwhelming. On the first day of the LPL competition, only TES won. Other teams did not get good results, so many people think that LCK is about to rise, but from the second day, the teams in the LPL division began to find their shape. They only lost one of three games, and LCK still won all at that time. status.


On the third day, on the 5th, the much-anticipated matchup between TES and DRX teams, everyone wanted to see whether it was the LCK stronger or our LPL competition region. JDG was just crushed by DWG., I don’t know who will win this game. As a result, everyone saw that the TES team resisted the pressure and won. The hero selection on the TES side of the game was a bit different. The mid-layer nightmare did not play well. Fortunately, JKL’s Senna Too awesome, the final victory is really gratifying.


After this game, DRX got its first defeat, and it was also the first defeat of the entire LCK division. We saw that this loss was very unconvincing to the netizens in the LCK division, because the DRX team had a certain advantage in the early stage, but Didn’t keep it, and Deft’s Delevingne performance was not impressive, so everyone was accusing Deft. In fact, to be honest, it’s not that Deft played badly, but that his opponent JKL performed too well, so at all It can’t be compared.


In this game, DRX lost. As the main player in the team, Deft was very self-blame. During the interview after the game, he was depressed. We saw that Deft’s self-confidence was defeated by JKL. Deft repeatedly emphasized that this game The main reason I lost was that I was too far behind. I chose Delevingne because he performed well with Delevingne in the training game. He thought that Delevingne could play Senna, but it was a mistake to choose.



In the interview, deft emphasized many times that it was because of his own choice that he dragged the team back, and the frustration was very serious. In this interview, deft was really in a very low mood. The host asked him to say it after thinking about it for a long time, but to be honest, a game doesn’t mean anything. Although LCK is our opponent now, deft is not, no matter who Whoever wins and loses, deft is our good friend. I hope that everything is well for him, and he will do his best for the next performance.


Having said that, the strength of the TES team is also very strong. It is not surprising that the DRX team loses, so it is useless to blame yourself too much. Let’s compete again next time. Do you have anything to complain about?

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