Cristiano Ronaldo has entered the top 20 in the history of the three giants!


Ronaldo can be said to be one of the best players in football. He has set countless records. In the just-concluded Serie A match, Ronaldo scored twice as a substitute and scored his 70th goal for Juventus. , And he became the 19th player in Juventus history. This allows Cristiano Ronaldo to set a record. He is the top 20 players in the history of three giants clubs, namely Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus. This is the first time in football history, and he is expected to become the top ten players in the history of three major clubs.

Ronaldo scored a total of 118 goals during Manchester United, this data is the eighth in Manchester United history. At the same time, he scored 450 goals while playing for Real Madrid, the first scorer in Real Madrid’s history. At present, his number of goals in Juventus has been among the top twenty, which shows Ronaldo’s super strength, super efficiency, and super adaptability. However, this is not enough, Cristiano Ronaldo may also be able to hit the top ten position of Juventus historical scorer list, after all, Cristiano Ronaldo is not far from this position.

The best scorer in Juventus history is Piero’s 290 goals. This figure is difficult for Ronaldo to catch up with. After all, it is 220 goals short. And what about the players behind? The second is Boniperti’s 182 goals, the third is Bettega’s 178 goals, the fourth is Trezeguet’s 171 goals, the fifth is Sivoli’s 167, and the sixth is Boller II. World’s 157 goals, the seventh is Anastasi’s 131, the eighth is Hansen’s 124, the ninth is Baggio’s 115, and the tenth is Munerati’s 114. From the data point of view, the gap between Ronaldo and the tenth is only 44 goals, and the ninth Baggio is only 45 goals. According to Ronaldo’s current efficiency, two seasons are enough to make Ronaldo one of Juventus’s historical scorers Top ten position.

Ronaldo has always been a person who likes to accept challenges. He will definitely work hard to challenge the record of his predecessors. According to his current state, before he leaves Juventus, he will definitely be among the top ten in the Juventus historical scorer list. Cristiano Ronaldo will become the first player in football, ranking the top ten players in the history of the three giants. This is unmatched by all players. And now, the only question is, when Ronaldo leaves Juventus, will he be the number one in the history of the team? Let’s talk together!

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