Champions League: Limoges Tilts At Nothing In Ankara

Tilts At

Returning from afar at the very end of the match on the floor of TT Ankara, Limoges gave in in the last seconds and lost for the second time in a row in the Champions League, by a tiny margin (76-73).

Limoges believed in the return of the vauvert devil. On the move on the floor of TT Ankara, Mehdy Mary’s players gave in “money time” for a second consecutive loss in the Champions League after that against Hapoel Jerusalem. The start of the match saw the two teams gauge each other and neither take a solid margin in the first ten minutes of play. But, under the impetus of Sam Dekker (18 points, 6 rebounds), TT Ankara dug the gap to take the first nine points in advance then approach the last seconds of the first half with a gap of twelve lengths.

A final three-point shot from Nicolas Lang (16 points) allowed the CSP to fall back below the ten-point mark behind two seconds from the buzzer. If the Limougeauds finished the first half of the match on a strong time, it was a weak time that they experienced on their return to the floor of the Ankara Arena. It is a 7-0 that the Turkish club subjected its opponent to build a lead of sixteen lengths, the biggest gap in the match. But more was needed to disconcert the CSP. Without panicking, Phil Scrubb’s teammates (21 points, 7 assists) stayed around ten points behind before accelerating the tempo in the last five minutes.

Thanks to a 10-0, the Limougeauds took five steps ahead with just under three minutes to play. But this advantage did not hold because TT Ankara finished the match in cannonball with an 8-0 which sealed the fate. The Turks won by three lengths (76-73) and inflicted on the CSP a second setback which put the tricolor club in a delicate position for the rest of the competition.

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