CBA’s most filial Brothers!

There is a pair of twins who are very similar in appearance and body in the CBA arena. They are Ren Junwei and Ren Junfei. The two brothers appeared in the same arena in the same season. They worked very hard and feasted the audience. However, the two brothers in the field are very friendly and will cheer for each other before going on the field. The appearance of such good brothers in the basketball world shows that we attach importance to basketball and cultivate talents.

Speaking of these two brothers, his younger brother Ren Junfei is probably better known. Ren Junfei graduated from the Guangdong University of Technology and currently plays for Guangdong Hongyuan South China Tiger Club. It took him only a few years from entering the Guangdong Hongyuan Youth Team to winning the CBA championship. Ren Junfei has good physical conditions. He joined the basketball team to start training in elementary school and later entered high school as a basketball specialty student. During his college years, he led the school team to fight Northeastern University and defend the college basketball Super League. Over many seasons, he has trained Ren Junfei’s strong defense-breaking kung fu. His unique field characteristics and gradual stability of play have allowed him to occupy an unshakable position in the team.

His brother Ren Junwei currently plays in Shanxi Fenjiu Professional Basketball Club. After leaving the small forward position of the Guangdong Hongyuan Youth Team, he first joined the Foshan Dragon Lions Club and then returned to his hometown team to play. Ren Junwei is slightly inferior to his younger brother in terms of height, and his performance on the court is also slightly hesitant and not accurate enough. This has restricted his development for a period of time, and when fans compare him with his younger brother, Ren Junwei Not discouraged, but more involved in training, watching, and participating in the game. His progress is very obvious. In the new season’s CBA, when the Shanxi team appeared, Ren Junwei played more and more stable and outstanding.

The most filial brothers

CBA's most filial Brothers!

Both brothers have achieved good results in their careers, and they have bought a house for their parents with their own efforts. The two of them are also smooth sailing emotionally. His younger brother Ren Junfei’s wife, Wang Sheng, used to be a flight attendant. She has a good face and a good temperament. She has a good taste in dress and dress. She has attracted much attention in the Guangdong Hongyuan Wife Group. She and Ren Junfei love each other very much, and they are also loyal fans of her husband. Wang Sheng had never shied away from saying that he admired Ren Junfei and believed that he was really married to love. From this, it can also be seen that Ren Junfei took care of his wife and small family. After marriage, they have the crystallization of their love. From the words of Wang Sheng’s social platform, it can be seen that the life of a family of three can be described as happy and happy.

After his younger brother, Ren Junwei stepped into the marriage hall with Cao Yaxin, a beautiful Beijing girl. Former model Cao Yaxin is very beautiful, with big eyes, white skin, and long hair. After learning about their marriage, the Shanxi team members congratulated them and asked Cao Yaxin to take good care of Ren Junwei. The lives of the two brothers in the family will be better and better!

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