THOM BROWNE launches charity fashion series to raise funds for the Barcelona Foundation

THOM BROWNE launches charity fashion series

Adhering to the concept of “more than just a club”, FC Barcelona and the Barcelona Foundation continue to work to deal with the new crown virus crisis and provide support for children at risk through different projects around the world. The latest one is a collaboration with Thom Browne, a well-known American clothing company. In order … Read more

Refuse to reverse! The Heat beat the Lakers

The Heat beat the Lakers

At 9:10 a.m. on October 10, 2020, Beijing time, Game 5 of the NBA Finals started on the Orlando campus. The Lakers, which had a 3-1 lead before, are bound to pursue the championship by winning. This game also allowed James to play 259 games in the playoffs, tying Fisher and ranking first in history. … Read more

Signed for 5 years! Tyronn Lue will be the new Clippers coach, the Rockets failed again

Beijing time, news came from the NBA

On October 16, Beijing time, news came from the NBA one after another. After the finals of this season, the NBA officially announced its offseason. The situation of each NBA offseason will be different, but what remains unchanged is that the offseason will be very lively every year. Player transactions, coaching changes, and management changes … Read more

Official announcement: West Ham signs the British champion Iron Guard! Scholes is the coach again!

British champion Iron Guard

Although the European transfer window has been closed, there are still many official announcements for European teams. Many leagues can still transfer, and some teams have begun to change coaches. There were two official announcements that received more attention yesterday evening. One is that West Ham officially announced the signing of Watford’s defender Dawson, and … Read more

2-1! 79 minutes lore! Argentina returns to the top of the list with 2 consecutive victories, Messi is happy, 15-year record is born

Argentina returns to the top of the list with 2

At 4 o’clock in the morning on October 14th, Beijing time, the second round of the 2022 World Cup South American qualifiers will start a game with Argentina against Bolivia. In the end, Argentina fell behind by one goal, relying on the combined goals of Lautaro and Correa to beat Bolivia 2-1, won the group … Read more

Behind by 13 points to overtake by 3 points, as soon as Wo Shuai adjusted the fire-fighting Lakers, the Western Conference finals was a burden

The Lakers

The Lakers ushered in the first game of the series against the Heat. Whether it is the Lakers in the West or the Heat in the East, both teams have been able to reach the Finals with 12 wins and 3 losses in their respective divisions. The Lakers can be said to have been considered … Read more

Rondo smashes the ball in rage and bounces to a height of 8 meters

Rondo smashes the ball in rage and bounces to a height of 8 meters

The Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers finals G4 was staged as scheduled. Unlike the previous game, Adebayor finally returned. The Heat’s lineup is relatively complete, but Dragic still can’t play. For the Lakers, Vogel chose to continue to trust Danny Green, Warcraft Howard as the starter, and the Lakers’ lineup remained unchanged. After the … Read more