3 battles in 7 days! Barcelona kicks off the devil race schedule

Barcelona kicks

After the national team match day, Barcelona will start a two-line combat mode. They will usher in three games within 7 days, including league opponents like Getafe and Real Madrid, as well as Champions League opponent Ferenc Varos. Taking into account the hard work of Messi, Coutinho, and other South American feet, how Koeman rotates players in the “devil’s schedule” has become the highlight of the game.

In the first 3 rounds of the league, Barcelona had a record of 2 wins and 1 tie, scoring 8 goals and conceding only 1 goal. The outside world generally commented on Koeman’s coaching. But the real test for Koeman has just begun: on the 18th, Barcelona will challenge Getafe away; on the 21st, they will play at home against the first opponent of the Champions League group stage Ferenc Varos; on the 24th they will continue to play at home and face Real Madrid.

With 3 fierce battles in 7 days, Barcelona ushered in the first wave of the “devil’s schedule” of the new season. In addition to the schedule, Koeman also faces the “FIFA virus” intrusion. On the day of the national team match, as many as 11 Barcelona players were called up by their respective national teams, among which Busquets, Anzu Fati, and Serge Roberto have returned to the team. For South American footballers like Messi, Coutinho, Araujo, etc., they have to wait at least until the 15th to get to the team.

Taking Messi as an example, the Argentine team will challenge Bolivia on the 14th, which is the second game of the national team’s game day in October. Long-distance travel, coupled with going to the 3000-meter plateau to play the game, will make Messi very tired. Even with a private jet, Messi can quickly return to Spain. But considering the fatigue of the players, Koeman is likely to give international players like Messi a day off and let them resume training on Friday.

In this way, on the 18th facing Getafe, Messi has a high probability of playing off the bench. One is considering that he has just made a long journey back to Spain; the second is that the team will usher in the first Champions League group match at the Nou Camp in 2 days, and then the first national derby of the season. Obviously, the Champions League game and the national derby are more critical, and Koeman does not need to let Messi take the risk of kicking Getafe.

According to media reports, Dembele has recovered from his injury and has been training at the Barcelona base. In order to restore his image, Dembele even carried out a lot of training. In the upcoming devil schedule, Dembele should get a chance to play under Koman, and young people like Pedri and Puig will also have the opportunity to make an appearance.

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