2-1! 79 minutes lore! Argentina returns to the top of the list with 2 consecutive victories, Messi is happy, 15-year record is born

At 4 o’clock in the morning on October 14th, Beijing time, the second round of the 2022 World Cup South American qualifiers will start a game with Argentina against Bolivia. In the end, Argentina fell behind by one goal, relying on the combined goals of Lautaro and Correa to beat Bolivia 2-1, won the group stage for 2 consecutive victories, and returned to the top of the standings. He defeated this opponent again in the away game years later.

As an important part of world football, there are still 4.5 seats in the World Cup in South America. The top 4 will advance directly, and the fifth will play in the play-offs. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, etc. are expected to advance directly.

In the latest national team rankings, Argentina ranks 9th in the world, while Bolivia ranks 75th, only one place higher than the Chinese men’s football team. The last time they entered the World Cup was in 1994, the strength of the two teams is very different. However, this time the Bolivia team sits on a plateau at 3650 meters above sea level, which is the biggest advantage. Messi has come here twice, without scoring goals or leading the team to win. Among them, Argentina had 1 draw and 2 losses against Bolivia in 3 away scenes in the recent world preliminaries.

In the first round of the group stage, the Argentine team played just so, beating Ecuador only 1-0, while Bolivia defeated the Brazilian team 0-5. In this game, the Argentine team continued the trident combination of Messi, Lautaro, and Ocampos on the starting line, while DePaul, Paredes, and Palacios were in the midfield.

After the opening, Argentina did not enter the game state for a long time, but the home team Bolivia played more and more vigorously. In the 24th minute, Bolivia counterattacked after stealing and crossed. Moreno scored a header in the penalty area, leading Argentina 1-0. Moreno has previously played for Changchun Yatai, Wuhan Zall, Shijiazhuang Yongchang, and other teams, and is the former foreign aid of the Super League.

Before the end of the first half, Argentina’s crazy counterattack was rewarded. Lautaro broke into the penalty area and shot and was blocked by the Bolivian goalkeeper, but the Bolivian defender was careless, kicking a bigfoot to Lautaro’s foot and then directly bounced the goal. Argentina equalized 1-1.

In the second half, Argentina won a free-kick from the outside of the penalty area in the 60th minute. Messi’s penalty was not threatened, and he hit the wall and was blocked. In the 74th minute, Argentina counterattacked, Messi went straight, Lautaro half-single shot was saved, Lautaro held his head and couldn’t believe it.

In the 79th minute, Argentina made a steal in the frontcourt. Messi took the ball and gave it to Lautaro. Lautaro had no space to take the ball, and then to the left of the penalty area, Correa who followed up caught the ball and shot into the net. Then VAR confirmed that there was no problem, and Argentina finally completed the lore 2-1.

After winning, Argentina scored 6 points in 2 games and overtook Brazil to return to the top position of the group. What’s more gratifying is that the team once again broke the Devil away game and defeated Bolivia in the World Preliminaries again after 2005. Messi was the third time Finally got the victory.

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