5-0! Brazil kicked out tragedy: Neymar assists addicted, Liverpool + Barcelona double star made 4 goals

On October 10th, Beijing time, Qatar World Cup South American qualifiers continued. It is still in the international competition day, but South America has entered the world preliminaries. A focus battle started at 8:30, with South American powerhouse and world-ranked Brazil playing against Bolivia, ranking 75th. There is a big difference in strength between the two teams. In last year’s America’s Cup, Brazil defeated Bolivia 3-0. This time Brazil meets in the world preliminaries, and Brazil is bound to win a good start, and they will go all out. From the starting point of view, Firmino, Neymar, Everton formed the striker, Coutinho at the front midfielder, Thiago Silva, Marchinhos at the center back.

At the beginning of the game, the Brazilian team quickly entered the state and scored in the 16th minute! Danilo played the ball on the right and found Marchinhos in the penalty area. The latter scored the goal and helped the Brazilian team get a 1-0 dream start!

After the goal, Brazil did not relax. They continued to attack. In the 30th minute, Brazil scored again. Neymar rushed into the left at high speed. After a few people, he crossed the ball to Firmino, who followed up in the middle. The Liverpool forward easily tackled the ball to the goal and the score came to 2-0.

5-0! Brazil kicked out tragedy: Neymar assists addicted, Liverpool + Barcelona double star made 4 goals

In the first half, with the goals of Marchinhos and Firmino, Brazil led Bolivia with 2 goals into the second half. In the second half, they changed sides and fought again. Facing Brazil’s tide-like offensive, Bolivia had no way to parry. In the 49th minute, it was Neymar and Firmino’s connection again. This time, Nei Shao passed the ball to Firmino on the left. Firmino stabbed the goalkeeper through the crotch and scored. The score came to 3-0 and there was almost no suspense in the game. Liverpool striker Firmino has scored twice in this game, and Neymar, who gave him an assist, also staged a good show of 2 assists. In the 66th minute, Brazil made another victory. Coutinho pushed forward at high speed on the right, and crossed to the center, causing a mistake in clearing the Bolivian defense. Jose Carrasco accidentally put himself in an own goal, Brazil led 4-0 and continued to expand the score advantage. In the 73rd minute, it was Neymar again. Although his desire to score goals in this game was not very strong, his assists were unambiguous. He got the ball from the left and sent it across. Coutinho, who had just made an own goal, jumped up and scored to help Brazil expand the score to 5-0. Neymar assisted with a hat trick and Coutinho also scored. One ball. In the end, Brazil washed Bolivia 5-0, Neymar scored 3 assists, Liverpool superstar Firmino scored twice and Coutinho scored an own goal. After Brazil got a good start, it succeeded in winning the first place in the South American qualifiers with a goal difference.

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