1-1, Tottenham were tied in 95 minutes

On the evening of September 27, Beijing time, in the third round of the 2020-2021 Premier League season, Tottenham played at home against Newcastle. In the first half, Lucas Jr. outflanked the goal and broke the deadlock. Sun Xingmin hit the frame with 2 shots, Kane The 3 must goals were saved by Dallow; in the second half of injury time, Shelvey equalized the penalty with a penalty kick. The final game ended and Tottenham drew with Newcastle 1-1 at home. At the end of the game, Kane was shown a red card for being disrespectful to the referee.

At the beginning of the new season, Sun Xingmin and Kane showed strong offensiveness. After the first upset loss in the Premier League, the UEFA Europa League qualifiers won two consecutive games, and the league defeated Southampton by a big score, one round less. In this case, it is temporarily ranked 8th in the league; Newcastle has 1 win and 1 loss in the first 2 games, ranking 14th in the league due to a goal difference disadvantage. The two teams have played 50 times in the past, each with 22 victories and 6 draws.

In the 2nd minute of the opening, Loselso’s set shot was saved, and Kane was saved again from close range. In the 8th minute, Spurs quickly countered and found the penalty area with a wide range of frontcourt and Kane header. The attack was again saved by Darrow bravely; 15 minutes, Kane’s header lob was again resolved by the defenders; 25 minutes, Tottenham quickly counterattack, Sun Xingmin dribbled the top of the arc and sanctioned the ball to the left, Kane broke through the bottom line and crossed. Lucas Jr. back post outflanked the goal, 1-0, Tottenham took the lead!

In the 29th minute, Sun Xingmin’s left-foot shot from the top of the arc popped out. In 33 minutes, Sun Xingmin made a corner kick and Dell’s header was slightly wide. In 41 minutes, Sun Xingmin scored a long shot from the top of the arc and the ball hit the ball. The crossbar popped out; in 43 minutes, Shelley got a yellow card for a foul with a sliding shovel from the backside.

On the easy side, Tottenham replaced Bellwyn and replaced Sun Xingmin; in 49 minutes, Loselso turned around and shot in the penalty area but didn’t have any strength; in 52 minutes, Qiao Linton received a yellow card for a tactical foul; 59 minutes, Kane’s volley shot was easily saved by Dallow; in 67 minutes, Richie collided with Doherty and left the field. Reeves replaced Richie on the bench. In 83 minutes, Lamela’s free-kick was saved by Dallow;

In 92 minutes, Shelley made a set pass. The ball was blocked by a Tottenham player. VAR intervened. The slow-motion showed that the ball hit Dale’s arm. The referee awarded a penalty kick. Wilson volleyed with his right foot in the lower-left corner of the goal. Lori Although the judgment was in the right direction, but the ball was too fast, the ball rubbed Lori’s fingertips into the goal, 1-1, the score equalized! Shelley broke his 509-minute goal drought against Tottenham!

The final whistle sounded and the score was fixed at 1-1. Kane went straight to the referee and expressed his dissatisfaction with the referee’s penalty, which resulted in a red card.

Tottenham starting: 1-Lori, 2-Doherty, 6-Davinson-Sanchez, 33-Ben Davis, 5-Hoibel, 8-Winks, 15-Erik- Dell, 18-Lo Celso, 7-Sun Xingmin, 10-Kane, 27-Lucas Jr.


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